Watch eSports Stars Take On HyunA’s “Red” Choreography And Win A Signed HyunA Album! (Ft. Team Dignitas, Megan Lee)

Last year, we had Team Immortals react to your favorite K-pop music videos. This year, in celebration of “Rising Legends: Season 2,” we decided to up the ante.

Enter Keane, Adrian, LOD, and Ssumday of Team Dignitas, a professional League of Legends eSports team, and Locodoco of Gold Coin United, who accepted our challenge of trying K-pop choreography. More specifically… to HyunA’s “Red.”

If you’ve forgotten the dance, let us remind you that it’s “an upbeat song with a hint of sexiness,” as our dance instructor (and “Rising Legends: Season 1″ Top 10 contestant) Eddie describes it. And by that we mean that there’s a whole lotta popping going on:

Be sure to watch below to see how the players fare, and – as a bonus – who receives the punishment of a K-pop eyeliner makeover, thanks to our friends over at W2Beauty. Yep, your favorite eSports players with guyliner. We did it.
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But wait, there’s more! Enter below to win a signed HyunA album and/or a signed Dignitas hat!

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