Exclusive: “While You Were Sleeping” Cast Reveals What Future Events They Want To See In Their Dreams

On September 22, the press conference was held for much-anticipated SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping.” Director Oh Choong Hwan was in attendance along with the actors Lee Jong Suk, Suzy, Lee Sang Yeob, Go Sung Hee, and Jung Hae In were in attendance.

“While You Were Sleeping” is about Nam Hong Joo (Suzy), a woman who sees future events in her dreams, and Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk), a prosecutor who tries to stop the negative events in her dreams from happening.The actors were first asked why they chose to star in the drama. Lee Jong Suk previously worked with the writer Park Hye Ryun on “Pinocchio” and “I Hear Your Voice,” so working with her again was enough of a reason to choose the drama. He has absolute trust in her and believes, “The best choice I have made in life was meeting her.”Suzy worked with Park Hye Ran, as well, for her acting debut with “Dream High” and wanted to work with her again. She received the script and loved it, so she decided to choose the project. Lee Sang Yeob, Go Sung Hee, and Jung Hae In all shared that they were great fans of the writer and director. Lee Sang Yeob also met the director on “Doctors,” and he wanted to take on a new challenge with a different kind of character.

Suzy has been growing her hair for years, but she cut it very short for this drama. When she was asked how she made the decision, she commented, “You’ll see in the drama, but short hair is a very important aspect for the drama, so I did it without hesitating.” She added, “As it is not easy to grow out long hair, people around me were concerned and asked if I’m okay. However, as my hair was long for a long time, I was able to focus more on the character with short hair. It’s really characteristic of Hong Joo.”Lee Jong Suk, Go Sung Hee, and Lee Sang Yeob were asked about any special effort they put into their prosecutor and lawyer roles. The actors and production team met with people who actually have those occupations to create scenes that are as realistic as possible. Lee Jong Suk and Go Sung Hee also both worked hard on their diction, as neither of them usually speak very clearly.As Suzy’s character sees future events in her dreams, the actors were asked about what they wish they could see in their own dreams. Suzy expressed her curiosity for how long she will live, explaining that she would have to live even more diligently if she doesn’t have a lot of time left. Lee Sang Yeob shared that he wants to know who he will marry so he could begin treating her well right now. Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In do not want to see any future events in their dreams, commenting that it would not seem pleasant.

“While You Were Sleeping” is coming exclusively to Viki on September 27!

Watch the latest trailer below: