October Variety Star Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On October 1, this month’s brand reputation rankings for variety stars was announced by the Korean Business Research Institute.

The results are based on the analysis of interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes for 25,948,031 pieces of big data on 36 variety stars from September 1 to October 1, which is a 22.28 percent decrease from the 33,385,505 pieces of big data last month. The numbers were likely affected by several variety shows being on hold due to the MBC and KBS strikes.

Lee Sang Min, who placed first in last month’s ranking, maintained his spot on top with a total score of 2,445,572. Although “Section TV” is not airing due to the MBC strike, he remains active with “Ask Us Anything,” “My Ugly Duckling,” and more.

Shin Dong Yup jumped up to second place with a total score of 1,459,925, a 172.05 percent increase from his September score. He has been leading several popular programs including “My Ugly Duckling,” “Hello Counselor,” “SNL Korea 9,” and “Immortal Songs.”

Kim Sook rose up six spots to third place with a total score of 1,309,792. She gained significant attention for her appearances on shows including “Kim Saeng Min’s Receipt,” “Video Star,” and “With You.”

Check out the top 20 below:

  1. Lee Sang Min
  2. Shin Dong Yup
  3. Kim Sook
  4. Kim Gura
  5. Park Na Rae
  6. Seo Jang Hoon
  7. Yoo Jae Suk
  8. Lee Kyung Kyu
  9. Kim Gun Mo
  10. Park Myung Soo
  11. Kim Jong Kook
  12. Jun Hyun Moo
  13. Lee Kwang Soo
  14. Kim Jong Min
  15. Kim Byung Man
  16. Lee Soo Geun
  17. Kim Joon Ho
  18. Jung Hyung Don
  19. Jung Joon Ha
  20. Yang Se Hyung

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