First Impressions: “20th Century Boy And Girl,” A Romantic Tale Of First Love

First off, the posters for this drama are TOO CUTE!

After a few bumps in the road and a few halts in production, MBC’s adorable new drama, “20th Century Boy and Girl,” has finally premiered, and we’re here for it.

And we are!


“20th Century Boy and Girl” is a tale about a group of friends in their 30s who are all successful, but are lacking in the love department. They were all friends since they were in high school, and, based on the flashbacks, they seem to have been entangled in a web of feelings for each other.

After growing up, the two main leads, Gong Ji Won (Kim Ji Suk) and Sa Jin Jin (Han Ye Seul), meet again by chance at an airport. Their reunion sparks flashbacks between the two as high school students, revealing their old feelings for each other. Gong Ji Won finds out that Sa Jin Jin has never had a boyfriend, and this marks the beginning of a romantic adventure of the two getting to know each other again as adults.

Cast and characters

Kim Ji Suk is by no means a stranger in the Korean drama world, as he’s been an actor for quite some time, but it seems as though he’s been getting a lot more recognition since his roles in “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People” and “Another Oh Hae Young.” The fact that he was cast as the lead in this new drama alongside Han Ye Seul just proves that he’s ready to be taken far more seriously as an actor than he has been in the past!

Kim Ji Suk plays Gong Ji Won, a successful businessman who works in acquisitions and mergers. It’s a bit unclear as to why he wasn’t living in Korea, but the important part is that he’s moved back to Seoul and has reunited with his first love, Sa Jin Jin. Kim Ji Suk hasn’t been in a romantic role for quite some time now, and I have to say, I’m loving him as a romantic! He’s got the emotions and acting ability to convey the lovesick Gong Ji Won. I have a feeling the history of his character and what he’s going to do for Sa Jin Jin will win us all over. If he hasn’t already.

Han Ye Seul is always a delight to watch on both the big screen and small screen. She really is a great actress. Her beauty is enough to steal the show and this drama is no different. Han Ye Seul plays Sa Jin Jin, a model and star who is naive and innocent for a woman her age. The flashbacks shown in the drama thus far have hinted that she’s still in love with Gong Ji Won. She has never had a boyfriend, which is why this whole first love aspect of the story is so endearing!

Han Ye Seul seems to fit the character of Sa Jin Jin so flawlessly, which is probably just a testament to how good of an actress Han Ye Seul is. One of the best things about Han Ye Seul is that she has this ability to have chemistry with every co-star she acts with, so it really brings the script and story to life. It makes her love story with Kim Ji Suk seem so real and believable. I’m already shipping these two!

Then there’s that second-male lead, played by Lee Sang Woo. There is a lot of attention on Lee Sang Woo, as he impressed people with his performance in the drama “Happy Home” last year and even snagged the best actor award for it. And although we really didn’t get to see much of him in the first few episodes, I’m looking forward to seeing his chemistry with Han Ye Seul — I hope it’s good! Seeing as how he’s the second-male lead, there will most likely be a love triangle, which means Lee Sang Woo will probably have his heart broken. It’s a K-drama trope that we love and hate at the same time. Can’t wait to see this aspect of the story unfold in the episodes to come!


The drama has been perfection in terms of the OST. Standing Egg’s “An Ordinary Day” is perfect for the mood and tone of the drama, and it helps convey the nostalgic feelings of first love.

Final thoughts

All in all, “20th Century Boy and Girl” is a solid rom-com. I’m enjoying seeing the interaction between Kim Ji Suk and Han Ye Seul; it has especially given me those heart-warming butterflies that come with a good romance story. The aspect that I couldn’t be bothered with were the side-stories with the friends. It felt a little like “Sex and the City,” but I couldn’t find myself caring much about their lives and stories.

The cliche flashbacks and shared first kisses seemed like they would be repetitive and boring, but they really weren’t. Something about the feel of this particular drama is fresh and nostalgic, which really makes you want to continue watching. The flashbacks are also sweet to watch and really draw you into the characters’ pasts. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the two main leads fell in love in high school and what made them drift apart.

The cuteness!

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