Han Ye Seul And Kim Ji Suk Are Between Friendship And Romance In “20th Century Boy And Girl” Stills

New stills for “20th Century Boy and Girl” give a glimpse of Han Ye Seul and Kim Ji Suk’s blossoming romance!

Han Ye Seul’s character Sa Jin Jin and Kim Ji Suk’s character Gong Ji Won recently reunited after 20 years of being apart. While construction is being done in Gong Ji Won’s house, he is staying with Sa Jin Jin’s family.

The new images show them enjoying their time together in Sa Jin Jin’s room while reminiscing about their high school days. Sa Jin Jin wraps his arm in a bandage and writes on it, and they also read a book together.They play old school games such as bingo and rock paper scissors, getting competitive as forehead flicking is the prize for winning.

Sa Jin Jin and Gong Ji Won’s sweet date can be viewed on the 11th and 12th episodes of “20th Century Boy and Girl,” airing October 24 at 10 p.m. KST via MBC.

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