The Top Korean Celebrities Among International K-Drama Fans For October 2017

Last month, we saw BTS members make their debut on “Viki Top Celeb,” a monthly list of top celebrities followed and visited by K-drama viewers on the Rakuten Viki site.

We continue to see new faces this month, with Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ki ranking fourth and fifth, respectively. Lee Min Ki is receiving a lot of love from international fans due to his appearance in the must-watch drama “Because This Is My First Life.” His co-star Jung So Min also makes her debut, ranking third.

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Suzy jumps from fourth to first, winning people over through “While You Were Sleeping.” Her co-star Lee Jong Suk continues to top the list at the first place rank, keeping his spot for three consecutive months. For the full list of Viki Top Celeb, watch the video below!

The Rising Star for October is Jung Hae In, who is also stealing hearts in the currently airing “While You Were Sleeping.” To watch the full show with English subtitles, click here.

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You can bring your favorite star to the top by visiting (or downloading the app) and going to their page and following and/or commenting! Explore more on, and watch the full Viki Top Celeb video below!