15 K-Drama Actors Who Didn't Fail To Impress Us In 2017

As we start of the year 2018, it’s the perfect time to look back at 2017 and the wonderfully charming and talented actors who impressed us in their lead roles. We had everything from an MMA fighter, a ’90s K-pop star, to even a handsome goblin! The year was definitely not short of unique and intriguing characters. These actors are considered some of the top actors in the Korean entertainment industry and we were lucky to be able to see them on the small screen in 2017.

To celebrate all that they had to offer, here’s a look at 15 of the top K-drama actors from 2017 in the form of some fun superlatives.

Park Seo Joon: Most likely to win for best abs

Fight My Way

Park Seo Joon played Go Dong Man the MMA fighter in the coming of age K-drama, “Fight My Way.” In a lot of the behind-the-scenes footage, Park Seo Joon was often seen doing sit ups, pull ups, and push ups, trying to stay in shape. He had to for the role, he played a fighter after all, and he should be in top shape. We obviously didn’t complain about it, right?

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Yeon Woo Jin: The sweetest “I love you” ever said

“Queen For Seven Days”

Yeon Woo Jin had one of the sweetest scenes in “Queen For Seven Days,” where the actor played Lee Yeok. In this particular scene, Lee Yeok is with his love, Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) when he showers her with kisses and sweet I love you’s. It’s such a romantic scene that really showcases his chemistry with Chae Kyung!

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Ji Sung: Best family man both on and off screen


It’s no secret that Ji Sung is a family man. He’s married to the beautiful Lee Bo Young and they have a beautiful daughter together whom he dotes about continuously. He’s open about how much he loves his family and he does a good job of showing it, too. Maybe it’s because he’s such a family man in real life, but this definitely projected in his role as Park Jung Woo in the hit crime series, “Defendant.” Shin Rin Ah played his daughter, Park Ha Yeon and their chemistry on screen and behind the scenes was evident in the way Ji Sung showed his affections. Such cuteness!


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Lee Jong Suk: Most adorably jealous male lead

While You Were Sleeping

Who wouldn’t be jealous when the second lead of”While You Were Sleeping” is Jung Hae In? With him as competition, one would really have to step up their A-game. Despite his continuous rivalry with Han Woo Tak (Jung Hae In), it was super adorable seeing Lee Jong Suk pout and throw mini tantrums throughout the series. It just showed how much attention he wanted from Nam Hong Joo (Suzy).

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Lee Min Ki: Best Kisser

Because This Is My First Life

Lee Min Ki as Nam Se Hee in “Because This Is My First Life” had the sweetest kisses. He really knew how to sweet talk prior to the kiss scenes, which made his kisses all the more epic and worthwhile. When he specifically asked Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min) permission to kiss her, it was enough to make our knees weak. And how can we forget their first real kiss by the water?


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Park Hyung Sik: Best puppy-dog eyes

 “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

It was hard not to get butterflies every time we saw Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) look so longingly at Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young). The way he gazed at her was so real. His big brown puppy dog eyes were so hard to resist and made us all believe in his love for her.


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Ji Chang Wook: Best looking in glasses

Suspicious Partner

Ji Chang Wook played the heart-broken prosecutor, No Ji Wook in the rom-com, “Suspicious Partner.” There really is no further explanation required as to why Ji Chang Wook looks great in glasses. Because look:


You’re welcome.

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Im Siwan: The best-est friend ever

The King Loves

Im Si Wan played crown prince Won in “The King Loves.” As most people would assume that the main lead would get the girl, this particular drama had a twisted turn of events. Hong Jong Hyun, who played Wang Rin, was the second lead and best friend and bodyguard of Won. By the end of the series, Rin had won the affections of the main girl, Eun San (YoonA) and even got the blessings of Won. Talk about being a good friend.

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Jang Hyuk: Best ability to make viewers cry


Jang Hyuk played the hardworking and determined detective, Moon Jin Hyuk in the crime K-drama “Voice.” After his wife was murdered by a serial killer, he continued to live a life of guilt for not being able to protect her. The particular scene where he is at his wife’s gravestone and saying goodbye to her is emotional and heartbreaking to say the least.

“Go safely, my love.”

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Yoo Seung Ho: Most emotionally packed line

Yoo Seung Ho in “Ruler: Master of the Mask”

With this one line, the Crown Prince Lee Sun’s secret is revealed. This one line brings so much pain and despair to the two characters. Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) saved the man who killed her father. It’s an emotional scene as she knows she should hate him, but can’t because she’s in love with him. The way that they look into each other’s eyes in despair and pain makes it an emotional moment. 

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Gong Yoo: Most flawless in a coat


When you’re that tall and have a plethora of experience modeling, it’s obvious that you’d look amazing in a nice long coat. In “Goblin,” Gong Yoo sported the coat look all throughout the series, and did a great job looking great in it.

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Yoon Shi Yoon: Best ’90s slang comeback

Yoon Shi Yoon in “The Best Hit

Yoon Shi Yoon played ’90s K-pop idol, Yoon Hyun Jae in “The Best Hit.” In the drama, he gets transported into the future where his fashion, slang, and hair style is completely outdated. Although people think he’s a bit weird at first, they start to adapt to his quirks and even start to use his commonly used slang word, “Dda bong” (which means, ‘awesome’).

“Dda bong!”

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Yoo Ah In: Most likely to win the Nobel Prize in Literature

Chicago Typewriter

Yoo Ah In plays a writer by the name of Han Se Joo in “Chicago Typewriter.” He’s a famous idol-like writer who is a bit rough around the edges and tough to get along with. In the drama, he faces a tough time as he ends up with a serious case of writers block, but then he meets a couple of people (played by Im Soo Jung and Go Kyung Pyo) who help him get through it. It’s also revealed that his two new friends are linked to his previous life, which makes for some juicy literary content.


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Yeo Jin Goo: Most manly voice


Yeo Jin Goo has one of those voices that you could listen to all day and night. It’s deep and mellow and pretty much anything he says sounds cool. In the action-packed K-drama, “Circle,” Yo Jin Goo plays Kim Woo Jin, who sees an alien arrive onto earth. The setting takes place in both 2037 and 2017, and is a science fiction flick with an adorable romance between Woo Jin and Han Jung Yeon (Gong Seung Yeon).

Just wait for the, “What’s your name?”

Lee Joon Gi: Most likely to make a great bodyguard

“Criminal Minds”

Lee Joon Gi plays Kim Hyun Joon in the Korean adaptation of the U.S show, “Criminal Minds.” The show follows a series of crimes and a team that catches criminals. We were all pretty thankful to see Lee Joon Gi cast as the main role and could definitely attest to the fact that he looked great in uniform. His dedication to his role definitely made him a contender in this category. Check out how accurate he is at shooting that gun!

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