“Running Man” Hits Peak Ratings With Lee Da Hee And Lee Kwang Soo’s Hilarious Chemistry

Actress Lee Da Hee emerged as the unexpected star of this week’s episode of “Running Man” after a hilarious guest appearance!

On the February 4 episode of the SBS variety show, Lee Da Hee proved herself to be a top-notch entertainer. The actress cracked everyone up with her amusing antics throughout the episode, especially during the random dance competition, when she pulled off hilarious impromptu transformations into singers Lee Jung Hyun and S.E.S. She even went to the trouble of changing her hairstyle for each song, impressing the other guests and the “Running Man” cast with her passion and competitive spirit.

Lee Da Hee also helped boost the episode’s ratings through her surprising chemistry with her partner, Lee Kwang Soo. The two partners spent most of the race joking around and bickering with one another—at one point during lunchtime, Lee Da Hee even sneakily stole the meat out of Lee Kwang Soo’s sandwich and ate it while he wasn’t looking.

The episode, which scored average viewership ratings of 6.5 percent during its first half and 9.9 percent during its second, hit its impressive peak of 13 percent during the minute when Lee Da Hee lashed out at Lee Kwang Soo. After he failed to keep a promise during the show’s final mission, Lee Da Hee stood up and exclaimed angrily, “That was so bad of you! You’re a scoundrel, aren’t you?”

As everyone on set cracked up, Yoo Jae Suk predicted that her insult would end up becoming a new catchphrase.

Watch Lee Da Hee and Lee Kwang Soo’s explosive chemistry on the latest episode of “Running Man” below!

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