“High School Rapper 2” And “Weekly Idol” Rise In Buzzworthy Show Rankings

Looks like “Infinite Challenge,” “High School Rapper 2,” and “Weekly Idol” are on people’s radar these days!

Good Data Corporation revealed their ranking of the most buzzworthy TV shows for the fourth week of February. They analyzed netizen reactions to dramas and non-dramas by looking at the number of news articles, blog posts, communities, social media posts, and video clip view counts for each show.

“Infinite Challenge” took first place in the non-drama category for its H.O.T. reunion special, followed by “High School Rapper 2” and “Weekly Idol.”

The top 10 buzzworthy variety shows are as follows:

  1. “Infinite Challenge”
  2. “High School Rapper 2”
  3. “Weekly Idol”
  4. “King of Masked Singer”
  5. “Sugar Man 2”
  6. “Hyori’s Homestay 2”
  7. Youn’s Kitchen 2
  8. “Ask Us Anything”
  9. Radio Star
  10. “I Can See Your Voice 5”

The top 10 buzzworthy dramas are as follows:

  1. Misty
  2. My Golden Life
  3. Should We Kiss First
  4. Hwayugi
  5. Return
  6. Radio Romance
  7. Mother
  8. Welcome to Waikiki
  9. “Cross”
  10. “Children of the Small God”

Which of these shows have you been watching?

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