Exclusive: BTOB Talks About Eunkwang's Enlistment And Promises To Return As 7 At

On August 10, BTOB held their first “2018 BTOB Time – This Is Us” concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The concert was especially meaningful due to leader Eunkwang’s upcoming enlistment.

The members didn’t disappoint as they serenaded fans with their powerful vocals and rap. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be BTOB without some of their trademark humor and hilariousness.

Following performances of “The Feeling” and “Movie,” BTOB talked about Eunkwang’s plans for the group coming true and how they broke the seven-year curse. The members also asked Melodies to try not to cry about Eunkwang just yet and to save it for later.

BTOB members had solo stages interspersed throughout the concert. Hyunsik was up first and sang “A Song For You” in English while playing the piano. Yook Sungjae and Peniel shared an energy-filled joint solo stage performing “Hypnotized” with Sungjae singing and Peniel rapping.

Changsub performed his previously digitally released solo track “At the End” and blew fans away with his vocals. Following which Ilhoon showed his swag and performed “Big Wave.” Minhyuk then showed off his dance skills while performing “All Day” and ended his performance by dancing in water. In addition, BTOB-BLUE performed “When It Rains” and the rapper line staged “IceBreaker” dressed up as adorable animals.

Finally, Eunkwang held his solo stage and performed “Letter From a Private” moving fans to tears with his enlistment appropriate song choice. After singing, Eunkwang asked fans not to cry and said that he’ll come back healthy. As a fellow member born in 1990, Minhyuk added that he will have to go soon as well. Yook Sungjae encouraged his older members and said, “Fans listen to and like our music. We grow older together, so age isn’t important.”

After performing “It’s Okay” and “Only One For Me,” the members shared their closing comments. Peniel urged everyone to send off Eunkwang happily instead of sadly. He added, “I hope he can go and return healthy with a nice body.”

Minhyuk confessed, “I didn’t say anything, but this could be my last concert as well. For now it could be. While preparing for this concert I especially talked a lot with Eunkwang. At the end of every conversation there was always Melodies. Since we’re healthy young men, we have to go [to the military]. All of the members will have to go when it’s their turn, but because of Melodies I think we can move forward happily with Melodies. We have to do a dinner show. We will sing for a long time for Melodies.”

Changsub shared similar sentiments saying, “My last song for the musical ‘Edgar Allan Poe’ was ‘Forever.’ I was reminded of it after seeing you. Let’s stay together forever.” Ilhoon added, “We were able to stay together thanks to you all.”

Maknae Yook Sungjae made everyone laugh when he said, “I defied everyone’s expectations and didn’t cry during the first concert.” He also talked about Eunkwang enlisting and cheekily mentioned, “You could say Eunkwang and Minhyuk are the main characters today, but there could be people who came to see me.” After joking, he said, “Let’s regroup as seven back here at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. We promise you we will regroup as seven. Do you promise to come here?”

Lastly, Eunkwang said, “It’s the first concert, so I didn’t want to cry. A lot of people contacted me when the news about my enlistment went out, so I thought ‘ah maybe I lived well.’ I will repay everyone with good performances. I am also looking forward to when I’m in the military. I’m curious about what BTOB will be like without me and how our musical color will change.” Members then teased him and joked that they were going to pick a new leader.

Eunkwang concluded, “Thank you for cheering me on and I will continue to thank you.” BTOB ended the night handing out roses to fans and performing “Missing You” and “Shake It” for the encore.

BTOB will have two more “2018 BTOB Time – This Is Us” concerts on August 11 and 12.

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