Ahead of the live finale of Mnet’s “Produce 48” on August 31, many of the recently eliminated contestants took to social media to express their gratitude and share their final thoughts.

Stone Music Entertainment’s Jang Gyu Ri posted a handwritten letter to her fans on her group fromis_9’s official Twitter account. She wrote in the letter, “Hello, national producers!!

“This is Stone Music’s Jang Gyu Ri, who greeted you through ‘Produce 48.’

“I sincerely thank all of the national producers who loved and supported me. When I occasionally became exhausted from the busy filming schedule and from practicing, I always found strength by thinking of the national producers. Again, I’d like to truly, truly, sincerely thank you one more time.

“Before I participated in ‘Produce 48,’ I personally felt that I was someone who was lacking in far too many ways. I was very grateful that I was able to debut [in fromis_9] without any training period, but I think a part of me always thought, ‘I wish I had a period of time to devote entirely to practicing. Don’t I need that [kind of time]?’ ‘Produce 48’ is a valuable experience that helped me grow, as well as a precious memory. Although I still have many areas in which I need to develop, I still matured so much [through the show] that it’s impossible to compare to how I was before. My skills, my mentality, my Japanese… oh, and I made many Japanese friends!

“To the ‘Produce 48’ producers who gave me this opportunity, to representative [Lee Seung Gi], to the mentors who suffered while teaching my tone-deaf and graceless self, to the other trainees who cried and laughed together with me by my side, to my agency’s staff who always took care of my blundering self, and to my beloved family—thank you, and I love you.

“Even though I’m sad that I no longer have the opportunity to show myself through ‘Produce 48,’ this isn’t the end, so please keep an eye on me in the future and continue to cheer me on.”

FENT’s Kim Do Ah also shared a handwritten letter addressed “to the national producers who have been watching me.”

She wrote, “Hello, national producers! This is FENT trainee Kim Do Ah.

“After my appearance on ‘Produce 48’ was decided, I was initially somewhat afraid of the camera, and I even had a hard time sleeping because I kept thinking, ‘Am I actually qualified to join this program and stand in front of so many people?’

“However! After this long journey, I thought to myself that I absolutely did the right thing by appearing on the show. Receiving the nickname ‘Ribbon Girl’ at the beginning of the show, the ‘Pick Me’ video, [my performance of] ‘So Hot’ on the first episode, ‘Like OOH-AHH,’ ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU,’ receiving benefit points for the new song ‘Rollin’ Rollin”… I am treasuring each and every moment as a truly precious memory. Thank you!

“Because of the national producers and your support, the time I spent on this program became an even more precious memory for me. (I’ll never be able to forget it.) That’s how grateful, moved, and happy the national producers have made me.

“Although I sadly ended [my time on the show] as 23rd place, I have no regrets, because I gained valuable new relationships with the precious trainees I met through the program, the trainers who taught me so much, the staff members who worked so hard, and all [my fans] in the ‘Ribbon Club.’

“Also, I thought about how I could repay the love that I’ve received! I will return [the love] by working hard in the future and showing you good things, so please look forward to it.

“I’d like to sincerely say thank you one last time! Thank you for loving me up until now. I hope to meet you again on the stage no matter what! Please wait for me. I love you!”


NMB48’s Murase Sae posted a message in Korean on her Instagram account, writing, “Hello, national producers! This is NMB48’s Murase Sae.

“Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me up until now! I think ‘Produce 48’ has truly been a good experience for me!!! It gave me a lot of motivation, and I learned a lot each and every day!

“Starting with ‘Mamma Mia,’ ‘HandClap,’ and ‘Rumor,’ which you all picked for me…

“The trainees, staff members, teachers, and composers who helped me so much during [the show]… I was surrounded by only good people… everyone was friendly and taught me so well, I received so much help… I sincerely thank you all! I won’t be able to forget my time [on the show] or any of our memories!!

“Also… because I came to Korea, I was able to meet the national producers!! The slogan banners and subway ads [you prepared] were like a dream for me. I was very moved by each and every one of those little things. Because of all the love you gave me, I was very, very happy. Please take my love in return.

“I’m studying Korean, and now I’m able to read almost all of your messages of support without using a translation device.

“After you gave me so much love, I feel apologetic for not being able to gift you with my inclusion in the debut group. I wanted to show you more. Still, you gifted me with 22nd place, which is a ranking higher than I deserve. Looking back on the time I spent working hard together with all of you, they were truly happy, shining moments. Being able to take first place in the position evaluations was like a treasure to my life… thank you so much for all your support!

“Although the Murase Sae of ‘Produce 48’ has ended here, I will continue to work very, very hard in the future, and I want to come back to Korea and stand before you again! Please, please, please don’t forget Murase Sae!

“Everyone, ‘will you be mine?'”

RBW’s Na Go Eun shared a handwritten letter to her fans in which she wrote, “Hello, this is RBW trainee Na Go Eun! I ended up writing this letter because I wanted to thank the national producers!!

“Even though I was unable to stay with ‘Produce 48’ until the end, I had a lot of fun practicing and performing with the ‘Produce 48’ trainees, and it’s all become a memory that I’ll never forget.

“I, who had only ever trained in practice rooms, got to stand on the stage of my dreams. And after receiving lessons from the very cool teachers, I wanted to become a singer more than ever before, and I had the thought that I want to improve even more in the future.

“Please don’t forget me just because the show has ended, and I would be so, so grateful if you would be a part of my future days.

“I will work even harder and become a singer that gives people positive energy, so please cheer me on. Thank you for supporting me and voting for me up until now. [To my fans], I love you.”

AKB48’s Goto Moe wrote to her fans in both Japanese and Korean. In her Korean message, she wrote, “To everyone who watched ‘Produce 48,’ to the national producers who cheered me on.

“I truly thank you for supporting my untalented self up until now, and for allowing me to dream that I might be able to debut!

“Starting from a place where I had no voice [due to illness]… I sang TWICE’s ‘Like OOH-AHH,’ Girls’ Generation’s ‘Into the New World,’ and ‘1000%.’

“It was my first time going out into the world beyond AKB48, and I was truly happy to be able to participate in such a big project in Korea, a country that I love.

“Honestly, I think that there will probably be many people who dislike me. Still, I think it was very meaningful that I was able to spread the word to many people about the person named Goto Moe.

“To the national producers, the staff members who greeted me warmly, and the trainees who taught me so much and competed together with me, thank you.

“I will continue to work hard as a member of AKB48! Please cheer me on!

“Finally, thank you for supporting me and making it possible for me to reach 24th place by voting for me!”

Banana Culture Entertainment’s Kim Na Young also wrote to her fans in both Japanese and Korean, penning handwritten letters in both languages.

She addressed her Korean letter “to the national producers who cheered me on” and wrote, “National producers! Hello. This is the self-titled Official Vitamin of ‘Produce 48,’ Banana Culture trainee Kim Na Young!

“National producers! I performed ‘Rollin’ Rollin’,’ the concept that you chose for me. Did it suit me well? The reason I’m asking this question is because I want to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ to the national producers who voted for the cute and fun song ‘Rollin’ Rollin” for me!’ (Thank you for first place as well.)

“Hm… because it’s the end of ‘Produce 48,’ I have so many things I want to say!

“When I first started this program, everyone was so pretty and talented and charming that I became very insecure. But as the program went on, I gained fans who loved me and rooted for me, and they held up slogan banners for me and cheered for me at our performances, and they gave me the support of the national producers… and finally, they gave me the ranking of 21st place, which is higher than I deserve… so little by little, I gained confidence, and I think that I was able to show my unique bright charm, so I really, really, completely, truly thank you!!

“Although I was regretfully eliminated at 21st place, I won’t give up, and I will work hard so that I can surprise the national producers by appearing in front of you with a brighter and more confident version of myself.

“I truly thank you for voting for me, cheering me on, supporting me, and loving me up until now, when I am lacking in many ways! I love you, national producers!”

She added at the end, “Oh! And please listen to ‘Rollin’ Rollin” a lot and give the song a lot of support.”

Stone Music Entertainment’s Lee Si An shared a handwritten letter in which she wrote, “Hello! National producers, this is Stone Music trainee Lee Si An!

“First, I want to say that I’m truly thankful to the national producers who gave me a lot of love and support! I had the great opportunity of being able to appear on ‘Produce 48,’ and in my heart, I want to meet each and every one of you. I thought a lot about how to express my sincerity, and so I ended up writing this letter to you.

“At first, I felt scared and pressured because this was my second survival program [after ‘Idol School’], but I jumped into it with the thought, ‘Instead of avoiding it, let’s face it head-on!’ Although my training period was short compared to those of the other contestants, and even though I was lacking in many ways, I think that my passion, effort, and energy came through with each performance, so I feel proud.

“Even though I was sadly eliminated, I think that this is definitely, definitely not the end!! I will repay the love that you have given me 1 million times over!! No matter what, I will greet you again as an even better version of myself! I love you. 

“I won’t forget and will always remember the days that I spent working hard and sweating together with the ‘Produce 48’ teachers, staff members, and other trainees! Thank you so much. I learned and grew so much during the show.

“I’m reading all of your messages of support, and thank you for giving me my very first subway ad and for gifting me with a 20th year that I will never be able to forget for the rest of my life.

“National producers!! Please don’t forget Lee Si An. Orange, orange, orange, orange, oh! I love you.”


Pledis Entertainment’s Heo Yun Jin also penned handwritten letters in both Korean and English.

She wrote in her English letter, “‘Produce 48’ was an amazing experience that I got to share with so many extraordinary people. Though I have to end my ‘Produce 48’ journey here, my happiness to have gained such supportive people by my side outweighs my sadness from having to go.

“International supporters, thank you. I too, not even a year ago, was an international fan living in New York, so your support truly feels like home.

“Thank you so much Korean supporters for loving me and voting for me, I will forever be grateful for everything you’ve done for me. No matter how long it takes, I will work hard enough that we can see each other soon.

“Thank you for letting me participate in ‘Produce 48,’ I will treasure this experience forever.”

The live finale of “Produce 48” will air on August 31 at 8 p.m. KST.

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