Watch: Stray Kids Reveals Sneak Peek Of New Choreo For “I Am YOU”

Updated October 22 KST:

Stray Kids has given fans a sneak peek at their brand-new choreography for their upcoming title track “I am YOU”!

Check out the group’s new dance practice teaser below:

Updated October 20 KST:

Stray Kids revealed another look at their comeback MV “I am YOU” with a second teaser!

Updated October 19 KST:

Stray Kids shared their first MV teaser for “I am YOU”!

Updated October 18 KST:

Stray Kids has released four more instrumental lyric cards for their mini album “I am YOU”!

Updated October 17 KST:

Stray Kids’ instrumental lyric cards for their first four tracks on “I am YOU” are now here!

Get a listen to previews of their songs below:

Updated October 16 KST:

Stray Kids has revealed an introduction for their upcoming album “I am YOU”!

In the new video, they take turns talking about their new tracks, which were all written by the members.

There are also short audio previews and a sneak peek of the choreography for the title track “I am YOU.”

Check it out below!

Updated October 15 KST:

Stray Kids has revealed more group photos for “I Am YOU”!

Updated October 14 KST:

Stray Kids has shared another set of teaser photos, featuring members Bang Chan, Felix, and Changbin!

Updated October 13 KST:

Stray Kids has shared their latest batch of teaser photos, this time featuring members Woojin, I.N, and Seungmin!

Updated October 12 KST:

Stray Kids has released their first individual teaser images for “I Am YOU,” including photos of Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Han!

Updated October 11 KST:

Stray Kids has dropped new teaser images for “I Am YOU”!

Update October 10 KST:

Stray Kids revealed an album preview for “I Am YOU” and a concept photo for their comeback!

Updated October 9 KST:

Stray Kids has unveiled the track list for their upcoming mini album “I Am YOU”!

Their new release will include the title track of the same name, which was composed by the 3RACHA trio (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han) along with collapsedone, Justin Reinstein, KZ, and Zene the Zilla. 3RACHA wrote the lyrics for the song.

Check out the track list below!

Original Article:

Stray Kids is making a comeback!

On October 4, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the group would be returning on October 22 with a new album.

A spokesperson for the agency stated, “Stray Kids will be releasing their new album ‘I am YOU’ on October 22. Before the release, they will be holding their comeback showcase ‘Unveil [Op. 03 : I am YOU]’ on October 21 at 6 p.m. at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, in the Bangi neighborhood of Seoul’s Songpa District.”

As with their previous releases (“Mixtape,” “I am NOT,” and “I am WHO“), the Stray Kids members personally participated in writing the music and lyrics for all of the tracks on their upcoming album “I am YOU.”

Are you excited for Stray Kids’ return? What kind of concept would you like to see them take on for this comeback? Leave your thoughts below!

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