Baro’s Sister I Ends Contract With WM Entertainment

Singer I, also known as Cha Yoon Ji, has ended her contract with WM Entertainment.

On October, the agency revealed, “WM Entertainment will be ending its exclusive contract with I. After deep discussions regarding [her] musical direction and future, we’ve agreed to bring our management duties to an end. We support I’s future endeavors, so please show continued interest and love [for I] in the future as well.”

I debuted in 2017 with her title track “If You Wish Hard, It Will Come True” and also gained attention for being the little sister of B1A4’s Baro.

Cha Yoon Ji’s message following her departure from WM Entertainment reads as follows:

“After leaving the fence, it is the start of not I, but Cha Yoon Ji.

“September has already ended, and October has began. It seems like time is flying by, so although I feel scared, I want to spend my future meaningfully without regret.

“When I think of Dreams [I’s fans] who’ve always waited and supported me, every minute and second feels so, so precious and valuable. I felt devastated knowing that I couldn’t do anything when [fans] were waiting for so long during that time. I felt so sorry knowing that I couldn’t say anything, and my heart hurt a lot. When I think back to [that time], however, I think these were just excuses made by the weak me.

“That’s why I made a big decision. I might still be lacking and make mistakes, but I’ll be brave and work hard so that I can meet our Dreams again little by little.

“I’ll become a Cha Yoon Ji that can be of great energy to Dreams, in music and in whatever I can do as well.”

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