Korean Celebs Who Captivate With Their Different Eye Shapes

Some people may think of it as a complex, but for these celebrities, their two different eye shapes only add to the list of their many charms.

Here are six celebrities who have two unique eye shapes.

1. Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon has shown detailed emotional acting teetering between good and evil, like his two different eyes.

His eyes, however, did not help his career in the beginning. When he was transitioning from a model to an actor, someone at an audition told him, “[People with] mismatched eyes can’t become actors.”

Now, his unique eyes have become one of his biggest charms and a sexy attribute loved by his fans.

2. Kim Tae Ri

You may not know it after a quick glance, but Kim Tae Ri’s inner eyelids are of different shapes.

The actress showcases deep emotional acting with her unique eyes and also chose her eyes as her favorite feature.

Her fans also love her eyes that give off sad, affectionate vibes.

3. Kang Dong Won

Movie star Kang Dong Won is one of the most well-known actors for having two differently shaped eyes. His left eye has a big inner eyelid while his right eye has more of a sharper shape.

He previously revealed that his mismatched eyes were a concern of his. Now thanks to his eyes, he’s able to portray a more variety of acting where he can be soft but sharp at the same time.

4. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy’s different eye shapes aren’t always apparent. Sometimes her left eye has a deeper inner eyelid than her right eyelid.

As a result, her eyes have helped Joy to create her own unique aura. The sexy but strange vibes make her stand out even more on stage.

5. Highlight’s Lee Gikwang

Lee Gikwang has a prominent inner eyelid on his left eye. Thanks to this, he looks like an adorable puppy on one side and gives off charisma on the other.

Fans love Lee Gikwang’s eyes that give off colorful charms and have continued to cheer him on.

6. 9MUSES’s Kyungri

Kyungri is a female idol who’s well-known for her unique eyes. Her right eye has a bigger inner eyelid than her left eye.

She previously revealed that this is a complex of hers and that she tries to cover it with makeup. Her fans, however, choose her unique eyes as one of her best attributes.

Kyungri’s eyes help to showcase her catlike sexy charms even more.

Who are some of your favorite stars with two differently shaped eyes?

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