Watch: IZ*ONE Performs “La Vie En Rose,” “We Together,” And More At Debut Show-Con

On October 29, after the release of their first mini album, “COLOR*IZ,” IZ*ONE held their debut show-con.

Along with the announcement of their fan club name, WIZ*ONE, IZ*ONE performed their title track “La Vie En Rose” for the first time:

The group also performed of “We Together,” “You’re in Love, Aren’t You?” “Secret Time,” “O’My!” “1000%” “Rumor,” “Pick Me,” and “As We Dream.” Watch the performances below.

“We Together”

“You’re in Love, Aren’t You?”

“Secret Time”




“Pick Me”

“As We Dream”

During the showcase, IZ*ONE also revealed behind-the-scenes footage from a commercial shoot with Jang Wonyoung, Kim Chaewon, and Nako Yabuki, mainly showing Nako’s struggles as the shortest member of the group. The crew stacked boxes for Nako to stand on, but had to stop several times to add more, as the boxes were not high enough:

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