“Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Kim Tae Dong has reconciled with his agency Major 9 (formerly The Vibe Label).

Kim Tae Dong was one of the eliminated trainees from the 2017 survival show that many fans had wanted to debut with the fan-created project group JBJ. However, a conflict with his agency arose, during which he requested the termination of his artist contract in July of 2017, and he was unable to debut with the group. He has not been active in the industry since that time, and he missed out on JBJ’s promotions, which ended in April.

On November 23, Kim Tae Dong posted a handwritten letter to his Instagram explaining his situation and apologizing to fans and the agency’s staff. He wrote:

“Hello, this is Kim Tae Dong.

“You’re all doing well, right? I think this is the first time in a while that I’ve written to my fans.

“I’ve been receiving strength from each and every word that my fans send me, and trying hard so that I can meet all of you again quickly.

“It’s difficult to know where and how I should start, but I’m writing to you because I have something to say to you, my fans who have loved me.

“As you already know, after I appeared on ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ I wanted to terminate my contract with Major 9 because I wasn’t able to receive care from my agency and because of discord with the manager team leader.

“While I blamed my agency Major 9 for all of the problems that happened to me and as my complaints against them built up, I was contacted by another agency. Through a momentary mistake in judgement, a suit was filed against my agency Major 9. While the suit was ongoing, the other agency that had contacted me did not do anything for me, contary to what they had promised, other than a few instances of care during the early stages.

“Time passed and I became able to see the situation clearly. I realized that everything that had occurred up until now had only been due to discord with the manager team leader, and everything was unrelated to my agency Major 9. Now, a year and four months after my mistake in judgement, I have been talking with my agency Major 9 and resolving the misunderstandings from that time, and I’ve decided to work together with Major 9 again.

“During that time, I even worried a lot about whether I needed to give up on dancing and singing, which I love. However, I got through that long period of time while thinking about my fans who have remembered me until the end. Also, I acknowledge the times of mistake and am self-reflecting, and have resolved to start again with a new mindset.

“I sincerely apologize and express my thanks to my precious fans who have always been a pillar of support for me, gone through pain with me, and supported me, and to all of the Major 9 staff who went through a very difficult time because of me.

“I have learned and realized a lot because of what happened.

“I will return to the mindset I had when I first dreamt of debuting, and only show you a good image.

“I sincerely thank you for reading my long letter.

“From Kim Tae Dong.”


Major 9 has told Xportsnews that they have talked a lot with Kim Tae Dong, and in regards to his future activities, they will be proceeding in the direction that Kim Tae Dong wishes.

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