JYJ’s Kim Junsu Opens Up About Lack Of TV Appearances

JYJ’s Kim Junsu talked about his desire to be on TV again.

The singer and musical actor was discharged from the military last month and recently held his comeback concert “2018 Way Back XIA” at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

After three and a half hours of singing, Kim Junsu opened up about his activities as a celebrity. First, he expressed his gratitude to his fans, saying, “I said farewell to you two years ago, and I actually didn’t think I’d see you on stage again because I felt like I was at a loss. What I thought would be impossible has again miraculously come true because of you. I say I’m grateful every time, but it’s not something that can be conveyed in words alone. I thank you with all my heart.”

Then he shared, “It’s been about seven to eight years since I have been on TV, and since I went to the army I had no exposure for nine years. Because I’m not on TV, I don’t know it’s right to be called a celebrity. Even if I release an album, I can’t sing on TV, so I wondered if I should continue this. I won the lawsuit, but I didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to go on TV for so long.”

Kim Junsu teared up and continued, “The general public doesn’t know I can’t appear on TV. More often, they think it’s because I won’t. Even my fellow officers asked, ‘You mean you weren’t on TV?’ They don’t think it was because I couldn’t and don’t even know that I haven’t been on TV. They assume I was on or that I don’t want to appear. But I do. I can’t say I want to go on every show, but I’m definitely not in a circumstance where I can.”

Then he confessed, “At the very least, when I have an album out, even if it is just once or twice, I’d like to sing my song on TV. That’s all I want, but it’s so hard. If you think about it, I’m also on a cultural blacklist. I thought to myself, ‘Will I ever get a chance like that?’ and I cried for a long time that day.”

He added, “It occurred to me because my self-esteem dropped after I joined the army. I was envious of everyone who appeared on TV. Still, I learned a lot and grew strong. It’s because I grew strong that I’m able to say this.”

Kim Junsu also told his fans, “You guys can stop being a fan when it wears you down. Really. When work and life catches up on you… It’s exhausting, isn’t it? So it’s okay. You don’t need to try so hard to make things happen to me. All you need to do is enjoy this moment. You don’t have to fight so hard for me. It’s too painful for me. Whether we grow smaller or bigger… which would be nice… but even if we don’t, I’ll always do my best. I’ll try harder. All you have to do is come, enjoy yourselves, and communicate through music. I’ll keep telling you funny stories.”

Kim Junsu left TVXQ and agency SM Entertainment, formed JYJ with Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong in 2010 and released an album. Since leaving SM, the trio had not been able to appear on music broadcasts. As a result, the Broadcasting Act (JYJ Act) was passed the National Assembly at the end of November 2015 to prevent third parties from blacklisting certain individuals or groups from appearing on television. However, they have not appeared on other music-related programs except for EBS’ “Space Sympathy” and YTN News following the passage of the JYJ Act.

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