BTS's Jimin Gets Fans Excited About V's Self-Composed Track

BTS’s Jimin has revealed that V is preparing to release a new self-composed song!

On January 20, Jimin held a Naver V Live broadcast in his hotel room after BTS’s concert in Singapore.

Speaking about his fellow BTS member V, Jimin said, “Didn’t Taehyung [V’s given name] tell you guys? That he has a song that he’s working on that he wants you guys to hear? Taehyung gave you guys a spoiler, right? I shouldn’t be the one to tell you this first.”

He added, “I’m really looking forward to it, because I haven’t heard it either. I told him to let me listen to it when it’s all finished. and told him to let me listen to it when it’s all finished. So let’s wait together for Taehyung’s song, okay?”

After wrapping up the broadcast, Jimin wrote on Twitter, “I love you, Taehyung. Everyone, let’s wait for Taehyung! I’m reaaaaaally looking forward to it toooooooo!” Along with many red and purple hearts, he added the hashtag, “Taehyung I love and cherish you.”

V then confirmed Jimin’s spoiler by replying on Twitter, “Everything he said is true. Yes. It’s all correct. That’s what it was.”

Jimin responded with a selfie and the caption, “Ah, I’m already looking forward to it. No, I was already looking forward to it.” He added the hashtag, “Taehyung I love you and cherish you a lot.”

During his Daesang (grand prize) acceptance speech at the 28th Seoul Music Awards, V hinted that he had been working hard on a special “gift” for ARMY that would be released sometime in 2019. Some fans have speculated that it might be a photography book, while others have guessed that he may have been referring to the self-composed song that Jimin mentioned during his broadcast.

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