Unique Kinds Of Chemistry Luring Viewers To “The Crowned Clown” Each Week

tvN’s “The Crowned Clown” has continued to achieve high viewership ratings, and the different kinds of chemistry in the drama have encouraged viewers to tune in week after week.

Here are some of the characters who create unique synergy when together and add more entertaining aspects to the story on “The Crowned Clown.”

Ha Sun (Yeo Jin Goo) and So Woon (Lee Se Young)

The romance between the Ha-So couple hit its peak as they expressed their doting love for one another. Once the identity of clown Ha Sun was revealed to So Woon, however, their loving chemistry turned into a sad, heartbreaking one. At the end of episode 11, the two even put their lives on the line, and their tragic love story made viewers clench their hearts as well.

Ha Sun and Lee Kyu (Kim Sang Kyung)

The sovereign and subject have added fun to the story. Every time Ha Sun made a mistake while pretending to be a fake king, Lee Kyu turned into a strict teacher and used various methods, including a flying kick and headlock, to teach him a lesson and drew laughter from viewers.

After Ha Sun showed the qualifications for a good king and as real king Lee Hun’s conditions worsened, Lee Kyu poisoned Lee Hun and began creating a new world with Ha Sun. During this process, Lee Kyu transformed from a strict teacher to a reliable partner and moved viewers by helping to change the fearless clown into a sage king.

Lee Kyu and Woon Shim (Jung Hye Young)

There’s another set of lovebirds in the palace beside the Ha-So couple. Lee Kyu and Woon Shim are another couple that is filling “The Crowned Clown” with romance. They are friends as well as members of the group working towards creating a new world. There have been a few instances that hinted that there might be something more to this pair than just friendship. On episode nine, there was a spark of romance when Lee Kyu saved Woon Shim after she was threatened.

Ha Sun, Eunuch Jo (Jang Gwang), Joo Ho Gul (Lee Kyu Han), and Jang Moo Young (Yoon Jong Suk)

The chemistry between Ha Sun, Eunuch Jo, Joo Ho Gul, and Eunuch Jang is quickly becoming a fan-favorite and making lots of viewers smile. The eunuchs have completely fallen for Ha Sun’s charms. Eunuch Jo became drenched in sweat while trying to hide Ha Sun’s absence when he left to find So Woon.

Joo Ho Gul became completely smitten by Ha Sun after the fake king made changes such as getting rid of the system that only favored the noble class. Jang Moo Young, who knows that Ha Sun is a clown, adds a comical twist to the story by denying his positive feelings for him.

Ha Sun and Dae Bi (Jang Young Nam)

Ha Sun and Dae Bi’s unusual chemistry has caught the eyes of viewers. Dae Bi is fiercely against the king who killed her son, Prince Kyung In. She has tried to find opportunities to murder the king and picks fights with Ha Sun and So Woon about every little thing. Knowing about Dae Bi’s intentions, Ha Sun has stood up to her by instigating her at times and evading her at others.

Lee Gyu and Shin Chi Soo (Kwon Hae Hyo)

Royal secretary Lee Gyu and disloyal subject Shin Chi Soo’s relationship has been described as “mousetrap chemistry” because one of them is trying to hide Ha Sun’s identity while the other is trying to investigate it. The highlight of these two are the biting remarks they have for one another. When Shin Chi Soo asked, “What are you doing covering the Crown Prince’s eyes and ears?” Lee Gyu answered, “That’s what you used to do. I don’t do greedy things like hiding behind the Crown Prince and pocketing profits.”

Lee Gyu shot back by saying, “Since your mind is full of traitorous ideas, I guess you think other people are like you,” but Shin Chi Soo stated, “You’re the same kind as me” without blinking an eye. The two are locked in a tense fight and bring some fire to the drama.

“The Crowned Clown” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest episode below!

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