Singers Who Penned Hit Songs In 30 Minutes Or Less

Creating something out of nothing is no easy feat, but musicians regularly do it in order to release great songs for their fans. Amazingly, there are some artists who have been able to create hits within minutes.

Let’s find out about some singers who were able to write hit tracks within 30 minutes or less.


“Yanghwa Bridge” is the song that put Zion.T on the map. During a past variety show appearance, Zion.T revealed that it took him 30 minutes to write this popular track.

He explained, “After feeling stressed, I went on a trip by myself. On the plane ride back home, I wrote about what I wanted to say to my family.”

Block B’s Zico

In 2016, gugudan’s Kim Sejeong sang a beautiful ballad called “Flower Road” which was penned by none other than Zico.

The rapper-producer revealed that he created the song in 20 minutes and was inspired by words Kim Sejeong said to her mother.

Lee Seung Gi

In 2011, the singer-actor released a song called “Love Time” (literal title) featuring Ra.D and narrated by actress Han Hyo Joo.

It was revealed that this sweet tune was written by Lee Seung Gi when he visited Japan for filming. He was suddenly inspired on his way to grab a beer and wrote it in 20 minutes.


SEENROOT’s “Sweet Heart” is recognizable the moment it starts due to its strong introduction that begins with “Oppaya.”

SEENROOT’s Shin Hyun Hee revealed that she wrote this song in five minutes while strumming her guitar in a café on a nice day.

Lee Jung

The singer-actor previously appeared on a radio show with actor Jin Goo and the story behind his song “For You” was revealed.

Jin Goo explained, “Lee Jung can’t drink, but when I was drinking by myself after getting dumped, he said that he wanted to drink. Inspired by the story I told him while drinking, he wrote the song in five minutes.”

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