Opinions Split As Fan Community Releases Statement Calling For Seungri’s Removal From BIGBANG

The online fan community DC BIGBANG Gallery has released a statement calling for Seungri’s removal from BIGBANG, and opinions are split on the issue.

On March 9, the online community released a statement with the title “Calling for YG Entertainment to remove Seungri.”

They stated, “We strongly call for the removal of Seungri, who has seriously tarnished the image of his agency and his group by being involved in the Burning Sun incident, which has ignited rippling social ramifications, and by using BIGBANG’s name in his personal businesses.”

The statement touched upon recent allegations, including holding a birthday party in the Philippines that was also used to invite foreign celebrities and potential business investors, allegedly being involved in an effort to hire prostitution services for foreign investors, and his involvement with Burning Sun.

The community also pointed to other actions that were not illegal, but which they believed were unethical and disrespectful to his position as a singer. They included receiving disciplinary action by the Korea Communications Commission for asking a female idol to pour alcohol on tvN’s “Salty Tour,” using his personal Instagram account to ask fans to vote for an acquaintance for Maxim, a magazine that features explicit photos, and using BIGBANG’s name to promote his personal businesses.

They went on to say, “The illegality of his actions will be decided through the investigation, but the damage he has caused to the group is irreparable. As of March 9, the BIGBANG Gallery will no longer support Seungri.”

Not all fans agree with this statement, with other BIGBANG fans stating that the DC BIGBANG Gallery cannot speak as a representative of the fandom. Some have also pointed out that by releasing such a statement, the online community is also tarnishing the image of BIGBANG by bringing more negative attention to the group.

Seungri has been cooperating with investigations into the allegations claiming that sexual escort services were sought for foreign investors. He underwent questioning on February 27 at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and was tested for drugs in his system, with results showing no signs of any substances.

YG Entertainment has announced that Seungri will be enlisting on March 25 to fulfill his military service requirements. The police have stated they will continue to work on the case, but if Seungri’s status in the investigation changes from a person of interest to a suspect after his service begins, there is a possibility his case may be forwarded to military prosecutors.

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