Police Give Update On Seungri’s Investigation + Respond To Alleged Sharing Of Hidden Camera Footage

The police have responded to the latest allegations of BIGBANG’s Seungri and his involvement in sharing illegally taken footage and photos.

On March 11, SBS funE exclusively reported that hidden camera footage and photos were shared in a chatroom that included Seungri, two other male singers, and others. The report stated that there were approximately 10 instances where footage and photos that were taken illegally were shared in the chatroom.

In one instance, Mr. Kim, an acquaintance of Seungri who helped the idol with his restaurant business and also worked at Club Arena, posted a video and photos of a man and woman engaging in sexual intercourse on January 9, 2016.

In response, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated, “We were already aware of the allegations of Seungri [and others] sharing hidden camera footage and photos [in the chatroom]. We are currently checking the details [regarding the allegations].”

Min Gab Ryong, the chief of the National Police Agency, also commented on the overall case at a press conference that took place in the morning of March 11. He said, “Even if [Seungri] enlists, the police can’t pull out from the investigation. We will continue to investigate by consulting with the Ministry of National Defense.”

When asked if the principal investigator [on the case] will be switched to the military prosecution, chief Min Gab Ryong answered, “There were instances in the past where the police could continue with the investigation if a case was considered important and in need of investigation by the police.”

He concluded, “We will have to consider different ways [of investigation] before [Seungri] enlists as part of procedure, but the police will continue to investigate after consulting with the Ministry of National Defense.”

Seungri is currently set to enlist on March 25.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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