Update: Military Manpower Administration Gives Official Response To Possibility Of Seungri Delaying Enlistment

Updated March 15 KST:

The Military Manpower Administration has released an official statement in response to Seungri’s announcement of requesting the postponement of his military enlistment.

The following is the full statement:

The Military Manpower Administration hereby gives the following statements regarding singer Seungri’s (full name Lee Seung Hyun) delay of his military enlistment.

There are no legal grounds that grant the Military Manpower Administration the power to postpone the enlistment date of a person who has been notified to enlist.

However, if the person has reasons that prevent him from enlisting on the scheduled date and thus makes a request to delay his enlistment date, [the Military Manpower Administration] will review whether or not [the date] can be delayed in accordance with Article 129 Paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Decree of the Military Service Law.

For your information, there has been a case in the past where one made a request to delay enlistment for being under investigation and [the request] was approved.

The following are possible grounds that allow postponement of enlistment according to Article 129 Paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Decree of the Military Service Law.

1. A person who is unable to fulfill his military duty due to an illness or mental disorder.

2. A person whose family member residing in the same household, such as his lineal ancestor or descendant, spouse, sister or brother, is greatly ill or has passed away, and thus requires him to care for the family member or make funeral arrangements.

3. Omitted through No. 7

8. Person who has difficulties carrying out his military duty for other inevitable reasons.

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Original Article:

The Military Manpower Administration has responded to Seungri’s announcement to request the postponement of his military enlistment.

Early in the morning on March 15, Seungri completed his second round of questioning for various charges including violation of the law on the punishment of prostitution mediation. Before leaving the station, Seungri appeared in front of the press and announced his plans to make the official request to delay his military enlistment date.

However, Ki Chan Soo, the Chief of the Military Manpower Administration, stated that it will most likely be impossible for the singer to delay his enlistment.

He said, “Because there are no legal grounds allowing the Military Manpower Administration to delay [Seungri’s] enlistment, if the situation persists as it is, [Seungri] will be investigated in the military after enlisting.” He continued, “If he makes the request to postpone his enlistment date, we will take a look at his reasons and carefully examine them.”

If Seungri does make the request to delay his enlistment, the results will have to come out within 10 days before his scheduled enlistment date on March 25. Previously, the Military Manpower Administration also clarified that Seungri will be enlisting as planned unless an arrest warrant is issued and he is imprisoned before his enlistment. If the investigation continues following his enlistment, the police will work in partnership with the military.

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