Park Han Byul To Attend Police Questioning Amidst Investigations Of Her Husband And More

Park Han Byul will be investigated as a witness in the ongoing investigations involving her husband Yoo In Suk, Seungri, and more.

The actress’s husband, former CEO Yoo In Suk of Yuri Holdings, began to make headlines when it was revealed that he was Seungri’s business partner and a participant in group chatrooms where there was talk of offering sexual services to foreign investors as well as sharing of illegal hidden camera footage and photos of women.

Yoo In Suk was investigated by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and some people requested for Park Han Byul’s departure from the MBC drama “Love in Sadness.” In response, her agency stated that she was planning to film the remainder of the drama.

It was then reported that Park Han Byul was also acquainted with Senior Superintendent Yoon who is being suspected of misusing his authority to help cover up criminal activities mentioned in the group chatroom.

In response, the actress released a statement apologizing for the recent controversy involving her husband and said that she would continue to film the drama in order to fulfill the promise she made with the staff, agency, and network.

On March 19, a source from her agency Fly Up Entertainment stated, “Park Han Byul will soon attend police questioning. The specific date of her appearance has not yet been decided.”

Senior Superintendent Yoon is under suspicion of helping Yoo In Suk and Seungri with work related to their bar Monkey Museum. He was charged with leaking official confidential information for ordering his subordinate and person in charge of the case at the time to secretly look into the police crackdown. During his questioning, he confirmed that he is an acquaintance of Yoo In Suk and a member of the group chatroom, but denied the accusations of misusing his position to cover up crimes.

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