Agencies Increase Cautionary Advice To Artists After “Burning Sun Gate” Controversies

Following recent controversies that have shaken the industry, it’s reported by SpoTV News that entertainment agencies have increased prevention efforts with their artists.

In the ongoing “Burning Sun Gate” controversies, some celebrities have been accused of crimes and others have been criticized for their actions as friends of those at the center of the scandal. This has meant the end of the careers of many stars, with several announcing their retirement and departure from long-running idol groups and bands.

Seungri retired from the industry, Jung Joon Young announced a complete halt on his activities, Choi Jong Hoon left FTISLAND, and Yong Junhyung departed from Highlight. Lee Jong Hyun remains in CNBLUE, although some fans have demanded his removal from the band.

With several boy groups and bands in disarray following the controversies, it’s reported that many agencies have increased measures regarding their male artists for prevention.

It’s said that since an agency can’t control its artists with education alone, many companies are choosing to frequently give their artists concerned entreaties and warnings, rather than put restrictions on their actions.

A source in the entertainment industry said, “Male idols have been told that if they receive a strange video from friends, it would be better for them to curse at them.” They continued, “Since it is wrong to even watch illegally filmed videos, they are entreated to not even entertain a curiosity for them.”

They said that young rising rookie actors sometimes receive offers from famous seniors in the industry to come along and have fun with them. They find it hard to say no because they could run into them in the industry at some point, and it’s said that many accept the offer because of the opportunity to quickly get close with famous people.

SpoTV News describes this as a great issue from the agency’s standpoint. The invitations could simply be for gatherings where people socialize without any incidents, but it’s also easy for scandals to occur when hanging out and drinking at events like this with seniors in the industry that the rookies aren’t well acquainted with.

The report says that while in the past there was little justification for declining such offers, after the controversy surrounding Jung Joon Young and the group chatroom, people are being suspected as accomplices just for socializing with a certain group. People in charge are therefore telling rookies, “As much as possible, don’t attend social gatherings that have no clear purpose, and be wary of the intentions behind them.”

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