Adorable Cutiepies From “The Return of Superman” That Make Us Smile

It’s been a tumultuous few months in the Korean entertainment industry, and the feeds and walls on our social media have been regularly filled with disturbing, maddening, and disappointing news. So in order to bring some positivity to our feeds and brighten up our day in general, let’s spend some time with a few squishy, bubbly, and often hungry babies and tots instead!

Ladies and gentleman, here to put a smile on your faces, are the super adorable kids from “The Return of Superman“:

Lee Dong Gook’s youngest son Si An (Daebak)

Daebak in this panda onesie is just tooo cute:

And here’s Lee Dong Wook’s first visit to the 5 siblings’ house, where Daebak’s sisters, Jae Si, Jae Ah, and Seol Ah, Soo Ah are easily won over by his boyish charms:

Sam Hammington’s sons, William and Bentley

A sleepy Bentley:

And a dancing William:

Like true siblings, William once “wished” his little brother Bentley gone, only to find himself missing him greatly during his absence. William’s pure excitement at finally reuniting with his brother is so sweet! (Featuring Sam hilariously dressed in Genie-garb).

Uhm Tae Woong’s daughter, Ji On

Couldn’t you just stare at this Ji On vs. Udon noodle gif set all day?

And according to Ji On, daddies need to be watered too:

Park Joo Ho’s daughter Na Eun, and son, Gun Hoo

Pretty big sister Na Eun:

And adorable younger brother, Gun Hoo:

Here are Chanyeol and Kai trying to bond with Na Eun and Gun Hoo. And for an extra dose of cuteness, there’s also Chanyeol’s poodle Toben.

Tablo’s daughter, Haru

Haru always had her own brand of swag and…aegyo:

And even from a young age, she knew what true love was:

Song Il Gook’s triplets, Daehan, Minguk, and Mansae

The Song triplets completely stole our hearts:

They are just three little bundles of cuteness!

Choo Sung Hoon’s daughter, Sarang

Does anyone else remember the adorable relationships between Sarang and the triplets?

First, there’s the very smooth Daehan:

Then there’s Minguk:

And of course, Mansae:

Regardless of who Sarang’s triplet-of-the-day was, we always loved seeing their adorable group interactions:

Yang Dong Geun’s daughter, Joy

Here’s a half-asleep Yang Dong Geun taking care of the super cuddly Joy:

Oh Ji Ho’s daughter, Seo Heun

How is it possible to gasp and be so adorable at the same time:

In Gyo Jin’s daughter, Ha Eun

Look at the scrunchy smile:

And her affinity for the camera:

Go Ji Yong’s son, Seungjae

When Go Ji Yong heads in to get a health screening (from his wife in fact), Seungjae displays his caring and considerate side, as well as his naggy, savage-truth-dropping personality:

Lee Beom Soo’s daughter So Eul, and son, Da Eul

Here’s another set of an adorable sister-brother combo, the SoDa siblings:

With Da Eul who starts headbanging in his sleep:

Ki Tae Young’s daughter, Rohee

Adorable little Rohee with adorable bunny plush = cuteness overload!

Did you know Rohee has superpowers? She’s able to tell her two identical bunny toys apart, just by touching them! Even the parents are baffled by this ability of hers!

Lee Hwi Jae’s twins, Seo Eon and Seo Jun

And last but certainly not least, here are Lee Hwi Jae’s twins:

In this hilarious segment, the twins are supposed to be putting raisins into the dough, but they just end up devouring the raisins. No one comes between them and their raisins!

Which of these cutiepies do you miss the most? And can you believe how grown up some of them have gotten now, especially the earlier graduates? Come reminisce about your favorite memories of the kids in the comments section below!

Catch the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below:

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