Yoon Ji Oh Takes Preventative Measures Against Potential Wrongful Death + Gives English Speech About Her Work

Yoon Ji Oh has shared a document that proves the good state of her mental health.

The actress is a former colleague of the late Jang Ja Yeon, and she witnessed her being sexually assaulted and saw her preparing documents before her death. Jang Ja Yeon died in 2009 and left behind a list of powerful figures in the business and media industries that she had been forced to entertain.

Yoon Ji Oh has spent 10 years giving testimony to police prosecutors about Jang Ja Yeon’s case, and she recently has been conducting interviews with the press, talking publicly via social media, and urging other witnesses to come forward.

She has stated that Jang Ja Yeon did not have an autopsy and clarified that the “final letter” left by Jang Ja Yeon was not a suicide note, but rather simply a document. Yoon Ji Oh has also been updating her Instagram account regularly to update those concerned about her safety.

Warning: discussion of suicide. 

On March 27, Yoon Ji Oh posted a certificate of medical records to her Instagram and wrote the following:

I have received a certificate of a copy of my medical records, which I mentioned on a broadcast.

I have received a certificate of my medical records that can have clear legal power and serve as proof of my examination at the hospital by a clinical psychologist who has achieved certification as level one in mental health clinical psychology. The examination lasted more than four hours and I filled in a questionnaire for about three hours over a broadcast.

The reason that I’m going this far is that out of the actors who worked with the CEO of the same agency as Jang Ja Yeon and me, there are three more in addition to her who were revealed to have died by suicide. Those three were all discovered in their homes in the same way with no suicide note.

Two people who also had been working hard to ascertain the truth regarding to the death died by suicide… An investigator also passed away after an accidental death in which he drowned at a fishing spot [where the water] didn’t even come up to his chest.

I am accompanied 24 hours a day by security guards so that I will not be defeated under the disguise of an accidental death, and since it could be disguised as suicide, I have checked my mental state in this manner with those who specialize in psychiatry, secured a record, have sent it to the legal counsel, and will send it to the Committee of Past Affairs.

I want to be remembered as Yoon Ji Oh who has a strong will to live.

Please don’t be too worried now. As a Korean, for as long as I am in Korea I will devote my whole self to surviving and giving my testimony.

I bow my head and express my sincere gratitude to the many people who are working hard to help me survive by showing their interest.

‘Somewhere under the stars God has a job for you to do and nobody else can do it.’
– Horace Bushnell

I think that He has assigned me a job that only I can do. Also I think I’m so lucky that He sent her to my side. I’m so grateful that I’m someone who was by her side.

Watch over me. I’ll do my best to protect her. Please watch over me.


Earlier on March 27, Yoon Ji Oh also shared videos of herself speaking in English about why she has decided to take her knowledge about the case to the public.



Yoon Ji Oh recently stated that there are five more actors, in addition to Lee Mi Sook, who were witnesses to what happened to Jang Ja Yeon, and she urged them to also come forward and share their testimony.

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