Hair Stylist Clarifies Reports About Seungri’s Makeup For Police Questioning

Following reports of Seungri receiving full makeup at a salon prior to his questioning at the police station on March 14, the director of the salon spoke up to clarify the claims made in the reports.

On March 27, it was reported that “A” had witnessed Seungri getting his hair and makeup done on March 14 at a salon in Gangnam known for having famous celebrities as customers.

“A” stated, “I was surprised to see him in full makeup as if he were going on ‘Big Show’ when he is implicated in something that the entire country is enraged over. He appeared very different than other celebrities and chaebols that have gone to the police station. When Seungri was on his way out after getting his makeup done, he asked, ‘Please go a bit heavier on the eye makeup,’ and got it fixed further.”

The witness continued, “After Seungri left, the few people there started whispering. Though he is probably supposed to be avoiding places like this since there are many eyes, he appeared confidently. I felt that he was either confident in the investigation or thought, ‘The investigation isn’t that big of a deal.’ The makeup itself is not going to be a problem, but his attitude wasn’t that of someone who felt he had done something wrong.”

“B,” who has been doing makeup for broadcasting stations for over 20 years, stated, “There are a lot of times when stars feel burdened because there are a lot of reporters gathered at the police station, so they do their eye makeup very lightly. The fact that he got heavy eye makeup can be an expression of his confidence or a symbolic protest saying, ‘I haven’t done anything wrong.'”

Afterwards, the director of the hair salon spoke up to clarify the situation, sharing that he did go to the hair salon to get makeup done before attending questioning but did not get full makeup as claimed in the reports.

The director continued, “He appeared to be exhausted, and all we did was smooth out his hair and simple cover ups such as covering the bags under his eyes. He had a hard time and he didn’t speak much.”

Seungri is currently being investigated for suspicions of prostitution mediation as well as other crimes related to the club Burning Sun. He has also been booked for charges of spreading illegally taken photos.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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