Merry Lee Shares Additional Instances Of Sexual Harassment + Shows Disbelief In Harasser’s Apology

Merry Lee continues to speak up about her experiences of being sexually harassed by men in power.

On March 27, Merry Lee took part in an interview and addressed her previous announcement to hold a “Me Too” press conference. She shared, “It’s something I’ve talked about doing for a long time, but [the talks] never led [to a press conference]. I’m thankful that people around me helped, and I feel relieved.”

Previously, Merry Lee shared on her social media that she was “a victim in a second Jang Ja Yeon case.” She has elaborated since, sharing her experiences of being sexually harassed and forced to serve drinks for public figures, even exposing their real names. Soon after, she deleted her posts, but announced that she will be holding a “Me Too” press conference in April, where she plans to reveal the public figures and their sexual harassment.

Merry Lee shared, “No one ever apologized. [Even after the issue became known recently,] I didn’t hear from any of them. One person sent a text message. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe in the sincerity and truth in that apology.”

She added, “I think I will have to decide whether or not to reveal real names then [at the press conference]. The remaining pieces of evidence are voice recordings. The important thing is that I continued to speak [about the sexual harassment] for six years.”

In another interview, Merry Lee gave further details about experiencing sexual harassment in the past. She explained that she had been sexually harassed by media company executive “A” six years ago, and that she had met him while completing an advanced program at a graduate school of journalism and mass communication.

Merry Lee stated, “In June of 2013, I was sexually harassed in a car. After sexually harassing me, he always checked my eyes. He checked to see if my gaze had any complaints. If I wasn’t obedient, ‘A’ would harass me and make me repeat, ‘Oppa, I love you’ for 15 seconds.”

In 2011, Merry Lee appeared in SBS drama “New Tales of Gisaeng.” While preparing for the drama, she took dance classes using her own money to pay for the expenses and suffered a knee injury. However, she was unable to receive proper compensation from the drama’s producers. At the time, she asked the professor of a class she was taking at her graduate school, “B,” for help, but was forced to serve drinks for him instead.

Merry Lee elaborated, saying, “I heard such things as ‘Pour the drinks,’ ‘Take care of the person next to you,’ and ‘Prepare the appetizers or fruit’ from the men who took part in the advanced program. It felt like they expected me to entertain them or do something else.” Adding that “A” began sexually harassing her around this time, she said, “After telling me, ‘I’ll solve any difficult problems you have so stick next to me,’ he made inappropriate physical contact.”

Currently, “A” has denied these reports and announced that he will take legal action against her. “B” has cut off all contact.

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