Police Make Request To Issue Pretrial Detention Warrant For Microdot's Parents

The police have requested a pretrial detention warrant to be issued for Microdot’s parents.

On April 10, a source from Jecheon Police Station revealed, “Suspicions of loan fraud and more were confirmed for Microdot’s parents, who were arrested at Incheon International Airport. There is a concern that they might attempt to flee and destroy evidence, so we requested the Cheongju District Prosecutors’ Office to issue an arrest warrant [for Microdot’s parents] today.”

In November 2018, allegations were made against Microdot’s parents of borrowing several hundred million won (100 million won is approximately $87,729) in 1998 and then leaving the country and failing to pay back the money.

Microdot’s parents flew in from New Zealand on April 8 at around 7:40 p.m. KST. They were immediately arrested by the police officers from Jecheon Police Station and have since been undergoing investigation.

Upon their arrivals, Microdot’s parents enraged the public and some of the victims once again by saying that they “had no choice.” It’s been reported that they managed to reach an agreement with eight out of 14 victims.

If the court approves, a pretrial detention warrant allows a prosecutor the right to put the defendant in detention.

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