Update: Park Yoochun Files Lawsuit Against MBC For Reporting False Information

Updated April 22 KST:

Park Yoochun’s legal representative has filed a lawsuit against MBC for reporting false facts on “Newsdesk.”

On April 22, lawyer Kwon Chang Bum of the law firm representing Park Yoochun stated, “Today, at the Seoul Western District Court, we filed a lawsuit for compensation of damages against MBC and requested for them to make corrections to their MBC ‘Newsdesk’ report on April 18, ‘News Today’ report on April 19, and the ’12 MBC News’ report. We have also filed a lawsuit for compensation of damages against the reporter that reported the contents.”

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Updated April 18 KST:

Park Yoochun’s legal representative Kwon Chang Bum has issued a statement following today’s report on MBC’s “Newsdesk.”

The statement is as follows:

This is lawyer Kwon Chang Bum of the law firm representing Park Yoochun.

This is a statement regarding today’s report on MBC’s ‘Newsdesk.’ Firstly, we think it is unfortunate that there are certain media reports continuously being released about a situation that is still under investigation.

Also, in regards to problems with the content of the “Newdesk” report, the first issue is that it was reported that CCTV footage in March from the inside of a quiet commercial building in the neigborhood of Yeoksam shows him with an object that is presumed to be drugs. However, this is something that has not been asked about even once during the police’s investigation process so far. It is clearly false reporting to state that the police are doing a close enquiry on something that hasn’t even been asked about during questioning.

Secondly, it was reported that there was a needle mark on the back of Park Yoochun’s hand. However, his hand was injured a few months prior, and there are wounds not only on the back of his hand but also on his little finger. In addition, the back of his hand was something verified during the police’s questioning process, and this does not appear in the CCTV footage. There are considerable issues in the report.

As Park Yoochun’s legal representative, I state that we plan to request that MBC make corrections on their report in regards to the reports of false information.

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Original Article:

On April 18, Park Yoochun completed his second round of police questioning with the drug investigation unit at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency.

During the questioning, the police focused on the CCTV footage they had found of Park Yoochun allegedly purchasing drugs.

According to MBC, this CCTV footage shows evidence of Park Yoochun purchasing drugs using a method called the “throwing method,” in which the buyer wires money to the drug dealer’s bank account and the drug dealer hides the drugs in a designated location for the buyer to find.

The CCTV footage reportedly shows Park Yoochun paying for the drugs through a wire transfer, arriving at the location where the drugs were hidden, and retrieving the drugs was found. MBC further reported that the footage was from two incidents, one in February in Hannam-dong and one in March in Yeoksam-dong.

When questioned by the police about this footage, Park Yoochun said that it was him in the footage but that he had wired the money only at Hwang Ha Na’s request. He denied knowing at the time that it was a drug transaction.

The police also asked him about the marks on his hand that were caught on the video, which reportedly looked like needle marks and bruises. Park Yoochun responded that he had injured his hand on a sharp object and that it was unrelated to drugs.

Because Hwang Ha Na and Park Yoochun’s testimonies about the case continue to diverge, the police are considering plans to call Park Yoochun back for further questioning.

All of the above was reported by MBC’s “Newsdesk.”

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