Kang Ki Young Reveals How He Met His Fiancée

Kang Ki Young shared the story behind the beginning of his relationship with his now fiancée on MBC’s “Radio Star.”

On the April 24 broadcast, the actor appeared as a guest on the variety show and talked about his upcoming marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend.

“I gave an interview after the end of ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim‘ and revealed that I had a girlfriend,” began the actor. “But there weren’t any jealous comments and they said, ‘I support you,’ ‘I hope you have a beautiful relationship,’ ‘Your acting is fun,’ and ‘Your acting is good.’ I realized that I wouldn’t be hurting anyone’s feelings if I were to get married because it didn’t seem like I was a heartthrob.”

When asked how long he’s dated his girlfriend, Kang Ki Young answered, “We’re in our third year.” Special MC Heo Kyung Hwan then commented, “I heard that you two began dating after your girlfriend held your hand first under the table and you felt a thrill?”

Kang Ki Young explained, “We met for the first time while drinking with friends. I was sitting next to her with my legs crossed. We had drunk a lot. After exchanging a few words, she put her hand between my thighs. We then held hands under the table and that was the first day we began dating.”

Heo Kyung Hwan jokingly asked, “When her hand came in between your legs, did you open your legs or grab her hand?” and Kang Ki Young made everyone laugh by replying, “I slightly opened my legs then pushed her hand down [with my thighs].”

The actor also revealed that he had not yet officially “proposed” to his girlfriend and said that he planned to do so through a song at the end of the show. About the possibility of revealing his non-celebrity girlfriend to the public, he thoughtfully answered, “We’ll talk amongst each other first.”

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