Yoon Ji Oh Admits Her Mother Is Not In Canada But In South Korea

Yoon Ji Oh has clarified the truth about her mother.

On April 24, it was reported that Yoon Ji Oh left South Korea through Incheon International Airport for Canada in order to take care of her mother who is currently fighting breast cancer. Yoon Ji Oh is currently in the spotlight as a witness in the Jang Ja Yeon case.

Yoon Ji Oh then posted a statement about her mother and her current situation on Instagram. Her statement is as follows:

I arrived safely in Canada, everyone. There’s something I hadn’t been able to tell you. To be honest, the person who spoke in a quiet voice to me during the broadcast saying that she’s a therapist and then snored loudly was my mom who I love and respect the most.

I have a family history of breast cancer and there was a ping-pong ball sized tumor visible [in my mom’s breast]. As a Canadian citizen, my mom is a Canadian and Canada’s healthcare fully covers her medical expenses. Medicine is pretty expensive, but even big surgical procedures are free. This is a plus and a minus.

There is a long waiting list. For cancer, every minute and second is a battle against time… but a majority of people have to wait a couple months to over a year. So the Canadian government legalized marijuana for patients who live with pain such as cancer.

After my mom came [to Korea], I thought a lot about this and that. Will I be able to act as my mom’s guardian when I can’t even protect myself? Since I’m also not healthy, I thought about being admitted with her in a two-person hospital room, but my mom and I are sick in different ways so that couldn’t work. I was so worried about just admitting my mom. No one would know that she was Yoon Ji Oh’s mom, but if I kept going back and forth to the hospital… It could be dangerous for my mom if rumors begin spreading. So I assigned a security guard to my mom and exempted one of my own.

I hadn’t been using my credit card. The CEO of the security company paid and I deposited through the CEO’s account so there wasn’t an issue for some time. I don’t know if they saw my mom’s card transactions after my mom came [to Korea], but my mom and I received threatening phone calls, our dorm was revealed, and there was an MBN reporter outside on the day we secretly moved.

I thought that it couldn’t go on like this and went to the airport, and the airport was also full of reporters. They treated me as if I was a criminal, and I couldn’t help but be sad and angry thinking about how my mom would be upset if she saw this. My wish is to live a normal life like everyone else. Uploading selfies with my family… freely hanging out with my friends freely hanging out with my boyfriend… I was happier when I wasn’t a public figure.

After stepping out into the public, I’ve had to take care of not only myself but also those around me. As more and more people around me became affected because of me, it became hard to manage, and I felt scared and sorry.

It doesn’t matter if you criticize, rebuke, or dislike me, but please don’t bother, threaten, or denounce my family and friends. I beg of you.

It was previously believed that Yoon Ji Oh had returned to Canada to take care of her mother there, but the Instagram post clarifies that her mother is currently in treatment in South Korea and that Yoon Ji Oh had decided to leave for Canada after receiving threatening phone calls.

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