A Fantasy Cast: Korean Actors We Can Imagine As Avengers Characters

“Avengers: Endgame” has been dominating the box office all over the world. With most of the characters from the Marvel world coming together, the “Avengers” series is always so much fun to watch. Not to mention, you have some stellar actors and actresses playing the Marvel characters, which makes it that much more enjoyable. If you’re like me and you’re super into Marvel as well as K-dramas, you’ve imagined various actors and actresses in the Korean entertainment industry playing these superheroes.

Here’s a look at some of the main characters from the series and some Korean actors and actresses that I could imagine playing them!

Iron Man

Iron Man is the billionaire who uses his intelligence to invent some crazy gadgets to fight evil throughout the series. In the films, he’s super witty and brings a lot of humor into the crazy bunch, which makes for a lot of comic relief in rather distressing situations. There are a lot of Korean actors to imagine playing this character, but the two that’d be absolutely perfect for the role are Ha Jung Woo and Jang Hyuk.

These two actors have so much charisma and charm that they would be the perfect as Tony Stark! Plus they both look really good in suits.

Captain America

Considered to be the leader (or one of) the Avengers crew, Captain America, who is played by Chris Evans in the series, is noble and fair. He’s a believer in justice and is always positive, no matter how dire the problem is. Two Korean actors who also have the ability to light up a screen with their positivity and good looks are Song Seung Heon and Kim Young Kwang!


It really does take a special person to play the Hulk. In the U.S. version, Hulk is played by Mark Ruffalo, an actor who is pretty soft and geeky in human form, but as soon as he gets angry, he turns into a vicious and ruthless green giant.

Ma Dong Suk can come off as being pretty scary because of his big muscles, but he’s actually a softie and can pull off some serious aegyo. He’s a gentle giant, which is exactly what Hulk is!

Yeo Jin Goo’s intelligent and innocent vibes are also perfect to embody Bruce Banner:

Black Widow

The fiery and quick Black Widow can only be played by a special actress. She has to be loyal and also be able to pull off some killer fighting scenes.

Bae Doona’s charismatic stare and acting experience alone is enough for her to play the perfect Black Widow!

When it comes to fight scenes and having an immense amount of girl-power charisma, Kim Ok Bin pretty much takes the cake. If you’ve seen her hit movie, “The Villainess,” you would know how superb she is as the ruthless assassin, Sook Hee.


Thor, who can really just be not so put together sometimes, is the likable and relatable god of thunder. He can be really tough but also really sensitive.

Julien Kang is built enough and exudes a lot of manliness. He also exhibits goofy and light-hearted characteristics – all perfect to play Thor!

Kim Woo Bin has also got that manly charm and charisma that would be perfect!

Captain Marvel

This badass girl can handle any kind of evil that comes her way, which is why it takes a fiery and charismatic actress to play her! Two actresses which come to mind are Kang Sora and Lee Si Young!

Kang Sora could definitely hold her own as Captain Marvel. She’s just got that energy that draws you in!

Lee Si Young with her athletic abilities and boxing skills could totally own the Captain Marvel role!


This one is an easy one. Mainly because there are two very fine men in the Korean entertainment industry who would fit perfectly in the role of Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a great superhero with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He’s also a hopeless romantic, which fits perfectly with our actor picks.

Ji Chang Wook in “Healer” is pretty much Hawkeye. Except without the superpowers. And without the bow and arrow. Regardless, his image is perfection.

Ji Sung is also another perfect candidate. Mainly because when I think of Hawkeye and the heart he wears on his sleeve, it’s pretty much Ji Sung.


Ant-Man in the “Avengers” series is probably the most average superhero. He’s very down to earth and takes his superpowers with a grain of salt. He’s incredibly witty and also has some geeky aspects, which brings to mind these particular actors!

It’s no secret that Lee Si Eon is really funny. His dry and self-deprecating humor would make the perfect Ant-Man casting!

Lee Seung Gi would also make a great choice mainly because he can be pretty geeky and talkative, but can also pack a punch when it comes down to action scenes!


In the “Avengers” series, we are introduced to a younger version of the superhero. These two actors could definitely hold their own if it were to come down to it.

Nam Da Reum has been everywhere lately and with his acting abilities, he’d be a great Peter Parker!

Although Park Hyung Sik isn’t as young as Spiderman is in the series, he could pull it off regardless. He’s also got the innocent and eager gaze that would suit the spider superhero!

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a genius. He’s not only a superhero, but he’s also a successful surgeon, which means the actor that plays him would have to pull off a smart image.

As veteran actors, both So Ji Sub and Hyun Bin could pull off basically anything. I can totally picture both of them transporting into a different world and saving people along the way!

Nick Fury

It takes a strong presence and veteran actor to be able to play Nick Fury. They have to be assertive, convincing, wise, and charismatic. Plus with a little bit of edge. Basically, they have to be the complete package. Two actors that come to mind are Jang Dong Gun and Cha Seung Won!

Hey Soompiers, which actors would you want to see play these characters? Let me know in the comments below!

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