“Save Me 2” Reveals The Dynamics Between Main Characters Through Informative Chart

“Save Me 2” has released a character relationship chart as its premiere date approaches.

OCN’s “Save Me 2” will tell the story of a village that’s driven into a corner, a false faith that saves it, and a man who stands alone to oppose that faith.

Choi Kyung Suk (played by Chun Ho Jin) tries to establish a fake cult in a village that’s been chosen as a submerged district for dam construction, and Kim Min Chul (played by Uhm Tae Goo) is the lunatic that stands up to him. Kim Young Sun (played by Esom) is the younger sister of Kim Min Chul who tries to find hope in the false religion Choi Kyung Suk establishes, and a clergyman named Sung Chul Woo (played by Kim Young Min) comes to the village after receiving an offer from Choi Kyung Suk.

After being released from prison, the “crazy fool” Kim Min Chul returns to his hometown Wolchuri. The mysterious man Choi Kyung Suk considers Kim Min Chul a nuisance. The relationship chart hints at the conflict these two will have in Wolchuri.

Kim Young Sun, who grew up enduring an underprivileged life on her own, meets clergyman Sung Chul Woo when a hellish life is about to begin because of her uncontrollable older brother Kim Min Chul. As Kim Young Sun slowly changes and finds hope through Sung Chul Woo, the two depend on each other and develop favorable feelings for one other. The question is whether the two will continue to see eye to eye until the end.

In addition, another point of interest will be to see the roles Madame Go (played by Han Sun Hwa) and the Chief Constable (played by Jo Jae Yoon) play in the development of the plot. In the original animated film “The Fake,” which the drama is based on, Madame Go was not a character who was highlighted much, but the drama will add depth to the story through the love-hate relationship she has with Kim Min Chul. The police officer is a character who was newly created after the adaptation of the animated film and will develop a hostile relationship with Kim Min Chul.

Meanwhile, the actors who play the various villagers of Wolchuri appear to be perfectly in sync with their characters. As a fake cult is established in a village that was once peaceful and Kim Min Chul and Choi Kyung Suk oppose each other, the question is raised regarding which side each of the villagers will turn to.

A source from the drama said, “Every character of ‘Save Me 2’ has their own ambitions. The pivot to the story will be the events that occur as the various characters get entangled with each other because of their own ambitions.” The source explained, “Additionally, another aspect to look forward to watching will be not just the stories of the main characters, but also the various stories that the villagers of Wolchuri create.”

“Save Me 2” will portray the story of how those who believe in a pseudo-religion commit fraud using their religion. The drama is directed by director Lee Kwon of the film “Door Lock” and written by rookie writer Seo Joo Yeon. Director Yeon Sang Ho contributed with creative advice in this drama.

“Save Me 2” will premiere on May 8 at 11 p.m. KST on OCN. Check out the latest teaser here!

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