gugudan’s Mina, Red Velvet’s Yeri, iKON’s B.I, And More Talk About Difficulties Surviving In The Jungle

The cast of “Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle & Island” shared stories from their adventures.

On May 10, a press conference was held for the variety show with producing director (PD) Jo Yong Jae, Jung Chan Sung, Hyun Woo, Uhm Hyun Kyung, AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin, gugudan’s Mina, Song Won Seok, Lee Yeol Eum, iKON’s B.I, and Red Velvet’s Yeri in attendance.

“Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle & Island” tells the story of survival in the primeval forest. Park Ho San, Park Jung Chul, Hyun Woo, Uhm Hyun Kyung, Jung Chan Sung, Park Woo Jin, and Mina appeared in the first half of the show while Kim Roe Ha, Lee Seung Yoon, Heo Kyung Hwan, Song Won Seok, Lee Yeol Eum, B.I, and Yeri appeared in the second half.

PD Jo Yong Jae began, “We focused on casting members who were going to the jungle for the first time except for Park Jung Chul. Unlike other seasons, many stories emerged, and the cast became close as the members faced various environmental challenges. I think it’s the same in every season how the jungle is difficult. I think the difference is the members and their chemistry.”

Hyun Woo said that he packed various medication, including for an upset stomach and mosquito bites. “It was useless to the point where I didn’t know why I took them,” said the actor. He also revealed that he fainted in the jungle and thanked Jung Chan Sung for climbing a tree by himself like a hero to pick coconuts.

Uhm Hyun Kyung said that she received recommendations from people around her to go to the jungle because it’s fun. She revealed, “I felt that I was tricked when I went. I took a small knife, but I couldn’t use it because there wasn’t anything to eat.”

“I like ‘The Hunger Games’ and films about hunting, so I said that I might be good at hunting during the interview,” said Yeri. “I went because of my fiery personal will, but I was really useless. I think that I wouldn’t have been able to survive for even five minutes had I been alone without the others.” Yeri added, “There was a chef [in the cast] when Seulgi went. That wasn’t fair for us.” B.I chimed in by saying, “They said that there wouldn’t be anything to do, and that really was the case. I also learned about the value of food and no longer leave leftovers. I gained weight.”

Many idols have appeared on previous episodes of “Law of the Jungle,” and Park Woo Jin was asked if he received any advice from his seniors and peers. The AB6IX member said, “When I asked Ha Sung Woon about things I need, he said that I could remove everything from my luggage and should go with just my self confidence.”

About the moment he lost the most energy on the trip, Park Woo Jin said, “It’s hard to choose one. I lost energy when I first got on the boat and at the big jungle. I lost energy while hiking, and I felt like I lost energy at the word ‘jungle.’ I think it would be good for the AB6IX members to each go to the jungle once. I think it would be fun if Lee Dae Hwi went.”

“Kim Sejeong also went to the jungle,” said Mina. “When I went to buy items, she said that I should take a net as well for picking fruit, but there weren’t any fruits to pick. She also said that scuba diving would be fun to the point where it would become my hobby, but I saw the ocean once. There were a lot of things I had heard from Kim Sejeong, but I couldn’t remember them once I got to the location.”

Song Won Seok revealed that he was a part of group One O One, which sounds similar to Wanna One. He continued, “Kwak Si Yang, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kwon Do Kyun, and I are in a team together. Kwak Si Yang said that it would be fun beyond my imagination, but I lost everything. I thought that I’d be able to do everything, but I lost my health, body, and self-esteem. I realized that I’m a frog inside of a well.”

Lee Yeol Eum emotionally commented, “We were the first to do many things. I want to say thank you to Kim Byung Man, who would say that we’re incompetent at surviving in this kind of jungle.”

PD Jo Yong Jae added, “Our members from the second half survived a day without the chief, so I think that they felt his absence during that process. This is the 42nd jungle, and everyone says that it was difficult. Just like how a man who returns from the military says that it was the hardest, it was so difficult that it could not all be expressed onscreen, and you end up relying on the person next to you. You think about the person next to you as your comrade, and those kinds of emotions were conveyed in the program.”

“Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle & Island” premieres on May 11 at 9 p.m. KST. Watch “Law of the Jungle” below:

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