Photographer Shares Her Experience Working With Idols And Mentions BTS Jimin’s Act Of Kindness

Photographer Mugunghwa Sonyeo talked about working with various idols on the May 12 broadcast of MBC FM’s “Idol Radio.”

Mugunghwa Sonyeo is a photographer who is known for her fairy tale-like pictures. Some idols she worked with are Shinhwa, BTS’s Jimin and Jungkook, GOT7, Ga In, Baek Yerin, Oh My Girl, and DreamCatcher.

She explained the meaning behind her alias, saying, “I want to capture images that are beautiful like the color of the mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon).” She majored in film and animation and studied photography on her own. She posted her work on social media, which led her to receive love calls from various agencies and start working with idols.

Mugunghwa Sonyeo shared, “I try to work while protecting the image of idols and without harming their worldview.”

The photographer took part in taking photos for BTS’s “Love Yourself” teaser posters and picked Jimin as the most handsome person she has ever taken a photo of. She mentioned, “It was raining, and the photography set was very hot. I won’t forget Jimin, who put an umbrella over me on that rainy day [while working].”

She also named BTS’s V and BTOB’s Peniel as the most talented idol photographers. She said, “Despite the cloudy weather, the album cover V took was really good because it gave off a carefree vibe, and the scenery picture Peniel took was great too.”

Mugunghwa Sonyeo once presented her own idea for a concept to Shinhwa to capture the various aspects of idols. She explained, “When I worked with them for their 20th anniversary, I proposed a plan to express the photos in a boyish way because they wanted to try out a different image from before. Kim Dong Wan has a lot of interest in cameras and asked me, ‘What kind of camera is this?’ and even tried taking pictures himself. I was grateful because it seemed like he was trying to help me relax.”

When asked about her favorite album photos, she picked Ga In’s “Carnival,” Baek Yerin’s “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault,” and LOONA’s “Butterfly.”

Mugunghwa Sonyeo also talked about why she prefers film photography saying, “I like the stereoscopic particles and colors in the photographs that the film creates.” Then she gave a tip about how to take good photos, saying, “You have to know what you want to take a photo of before you do it. If you want to take a picture of the scenery, you need to think about what exactly you want to show in the landscape, and if it’s a person, you need to think about what kind of mood and feeling you want to portray. That’s how you can take good photos.”

She was asked about her future goal, and she replied, “My ultimate goal is to live happily while steadily expressing [myself] and taking photos containing light in them.”

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