16 K-Pop Songs That Deserved To Snatch A Music Show Win

Every day, we’re blessed with a handful of the best music that K-pop has released so far. Some of these releases perform so well that they top music charts, do well in terms of physical and digital sales, and eventually earn themselves a music show win.

However, this isn’t a standard procedure. In fact, some songs unfortunately don’t rank first on music shows despite garnering a very positive response from the general public. Many factors contribute to this outcome, with heated competition between artists that are promoting at the same time being the main one.

Nevertheless, these popular hits were and continue to be one of our best jams throughout the years and they’ll always rank first in our hearts. Check out the list below and join us in commemorating some of the most iconic tracks that were definitely No. 1 worthy!

1. KARA – “Mister”

Being released in both Korean and Japanese, “Mister” proved to be popular due to its addictive butt dance. Its success was so massive that it was one of the most performed Karaoke songs, notably in Japan.

2. After School – “BANG!”

Introducing a marching band concept with their song, the girls peaked on a number of Korean and Japanese charts following an impressive amount of online and offline preorder sales.

3. HyunA – “Bubble Pop!”

“Bubble Pop!” was such a huge commercial success that it made HyunA the first Korean female solo artist to reach 100 million views on a single YouTube video with her title track’s stylish MV.

4. NU’EST – “Face”

Let’s face it, NU’EST has been underrated for quite some time and their first title track ever should’ve had received more recognition back in the day, considering that it earned them the record for the most viewed K-pop debut music video for a long time until other groups showed up later on.

5. B.A.P – “One Shot”

This goosebumps-worthy hit is one of B.A.P’s absolute best releases, as the entire EP topped the Billboard World Albums Chart as well as iTunes hip hop download charts in North America and New Zealand, and made it into the top 10 in other countries.

6. Orange Caramel – “Catallena”

You can’t talk about this wild trio without mentioning “Catallena.” The MV garnered 1 million views 24 hours after its release, and the song’s digital performance was incredible as it peaked on several music charts.

7. miss A – “Only You”

JYP’s darlings never disappoint with their comebacks! This groovy song placed miss A first on the Gaon Digital Chart with their release, and the album itself ranked third on the Gaon Album Chart.

8. BTS – “Dope”

The single is considered to be BTS’s international breakout due to being their first MV to surpass 100 million views on YouTube, as well as the fact that it charted at No. 11 on the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart before climbing to No. 3 once follow-up promotions of the song were complete.

9. GFRIEND – “Me Gustas Tu”

On top of being famous for its slippery stage fancam that went viral, this song is what made GFRIEND reign over Korean charts such as Mnet and Olleh Music to name a few. The major hit secured 100 million streams on the Gaon charts, labeling the members as “stuck to the charts.”

10. Taemin – “Move”

The entire K-pop industry was swayed by Taemin’s captivating comeback, including the charts. His artistic choreography deserves a special mention since it literally brought the song to life.

11. Chungha – “Roller Coaster”

Kicking off a promising solo career, Chungha was expected to get her first win with “Roller Coaster” thanks to its amazing performance on the charts. While it didn’t pull through, it was sufficiently hyped by both the fans and the general public.

12. CLC – “Black Dress”

The group has been striving to get their first ever win for so long, and we were all sure that the vivacity and glamour behind this track would grant them their long-awaited wish.

13. PENTAGON – “Shine”

On top of being a total musical banger, “Shine” slowly climbed Melon’s top 100 real-time charts to reach No. 94 a month after its release. The song went viral with other idols showing their support by doing the “Hammer dance.”

14. EXID – “I Love You”

This marks the group’s first full comeback as five members, and expectations were met with this retro yet fresh tune. The song was reckoned successful as it debuted at No. 61 on Gaon’s digital chart, at No. 65 on Billboard Korea’s Kpop hot 100, and at No. 5 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales.

15. MAMAMOO – “Wind Flower”

As we got used to MAMAMOO bagging a few trophies with every comeback, it was a bit of a surprise that the “Digital Queens” couldn’t secure a win for “Wind Flower,” but that doesn’t affect our appreciation for it one bit!

16. Park Bom – “Spring”

Following her much-anticipated comeback, we were hoping for Bom to rank first on music shows since her single topped Korean charts for a considerable amount of time. Either way, “Spring” deeply warmed our hearts and that’s a win itself!

Which K-pop song do you think deserves to win first place on a music show? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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