Jannabi’s Agency Issues New Statement About Recent Controversies

Peponi Music has released a statement on the band’s ongoing controversies.

On May 24, Jannabi’s Yoo Young Hyun left the group after an anonymous online post accused him of being a school bully in the past. The next day, Jannabi’s Choi Jong Hoon responded to reports about his father’s fraud and embezzlement to clear up misunderstandings. As the group’s controversies continued to play out in the media and online, Peponi Music announced plans to take legal action against false rumors and malicious comments.

On June 4, the agency gave an updated statement on the group’s recent controversies.

The full statement is below:

Hello. It’s Peponi Music.

We are spending each and every day with a heavy heart following the recent controversies surrounding band Jannabi. We are releasing a statement about the current situation because we believe it is necessary to clearly clarify reports that are far from the truth since those who loved and supported Jannabi’s music are experiencing even greater distress and concern.

1. First, member Yoo Young Hyun, who acknowledged his past mistakes and left the group, has continuously kept in contact with the person who wrote the post (hereafer referred to as his friend) and met with his friend’s parents to sincerely apologize. Yoo Young Hyun said that he will continue to work hard to comfort his friend and that he will consistently try his best so that his wound can heal.

2. Following the recent report from a media outlet about vocalist Choi Jung Hoon’s father, what Choi Jung Hoon revealed on his social media account is the complete truth without a single lie or intention of evasion. All he did was lend his name for his father’s business as his son. He did not participate in the extraordinary general meeting and delegated all of his rights to the person his father appointed. He had no knowledge of anything that happened after that and did not participate in managing the business.

3. Regarding the accusations against his father, his father was not booked or indicted as a result of an investigation carried out by the prosecution on June 4, and the prosecution also stated that an investigation on Choi Jung Hoon was not necessary. He is completely innocent from the allegations that have been raised, and we ask that you refrain from making further ungrounded reports and malicious speculations in connection with his father.

Finally, we would like to thank fans and officials for their support and trust. We will make sure to repay you with sincere music and promotions.

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