Highlight’s Lee Gikwang Pens Adorable Letter To Fans From The Military

A new letter from Highlight’s Lee Gikwang has arrived!

On June 5, the group’s Twitter account shared a photo of his letter.

The full letter is below:

To. Light!

Hello! I’m Gikwang. I’m a Private Constable. I didn’t think that I’d write a letter again this quickly, but that’s what happened. This stationery paper was also given to me by a fan, and it reminds me of our Yoseob. Today is June 1, and it’s 4:37 p.m. and 12 seconds. Since it’s the weekend, I feel more relaxed than during the weekday. Because of that, my mind feels more relaxed, I can feel more of today’s weather, and I’m writing this letter in a good mood today.

I don’t know if it’s because I keep seeing sheep, but I’m curious if our Private Constable First Class Yoseob is doing well. I’m continuously hearing news about our members through your messages and letters. So even though we’re apart, I’m happy that I know all about what they’re doing! Thank you everyone.

Anyway, time passes by whether it’s slowly or quickly. It feels like yesterday when I completed training at the Nonsan Training Center, and it’s already the last weekend before I complete police school. It would be nice if [time] went by a little more quickly. But time passes by the same for everyone, so I’ll have to use time more wisely.

You guys are doing well and aren’t hurt anywhere, right? I really like the weather these days. It’s clear, clean, the fresh wind is nice, the air is clean, the clouds are pretty, and it’s really nice. Our Lights who are suffering on this nice day while waiting for us, I hope you’ll find small bits of happiness like this, feel joy in the letters, photos, and news that pop up now and then, and let’s spend time in a healthy and happy way together!

I’ve been able to have good days here and joyfully receive training thanks to all of you. Please take good care of me as well from here on out! Light! I’ll pray that you have a happy, fun day today as well.

Lee Gikwang enlisted on April 18 and will carry out his mandatory service as a conscripted policeman at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency.

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