Samuel Gives Update About Current Plans In Light Of Dispute With Agency

Following recent news about Samuel’s dispute with his agency Brave Entertainment regarding payment issues and participation in events that were not mutually agreed upon, the artist updated fans through an Instagram video message on June 10.

Here is his full message:

Hello, this is Samuel.

First of all, I’m currently in the United States. Garnet [Samuel’s fan club] must’ve been alarmed, but thank you for always believing in me and thinking of me, and for being patient and waiting for me.

I’ve also gained a lot of strength because of Garnet, and I’m so happy. I’m really nervous right now, but thank you so much.

I just finished taking new photos, and those will be released soon, so please look forward to them. I think you’ll be able to see a new side of me in the photos.

I’ll be training in the United States, further developing my skills and working with people and taking classes to help me grow.

Please look forward to [my return], and thank you, Garnet. I’ve made it this far because of you, and thank you for loving me and helping me grow. As long as you’ve waited, I’ll work hard to give back with great music and performances.

Now I have to go for training. Bye! And thank you.

Earlier this week, Samuel announced his decision to pursue solo activities as an independent artist, after which Brave Entertainment revealed that they would be taking legal action.

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