Migyo Says That She Has Resolved Contract Issues With Her Former Agency

Migyo has resolved the conflict between her and her former agency, JG Star Entertainment.

In November 2018, Migyo sent a certification of contents for the termination of her exclusive contract with JG Star Entertainment. In February 2019, the agency launched a damage suit against her in response. In April 2019, Migyo appeared on KBS’s “Immortal Songs” without consulting JG Star Entertainment and announced that she would be releasing new music distributed under YG Plus.

After her conflict with her agency became public, Migyo wrote on Instagram that the company had agreed to terminate her contract in December but was now trying to take issue with her singing career through the media. JG Star Entertainment then released a statement that claimed that Migyo had shown rude and inconsiderate behavior toward agency staff members, which Migyo’s former group members later refuted.

On June 11, Migyo released a new statement on Instagram.

Hello, this is Migyo. First, I would like to apologize for making people worry due to all the negative news. I have always been grateful to the CEO of my former agency and all the agency staff members for doing their best to take care of me during the period of our contract. It was difficult to be in a situation where I was fighting with my agency for various reasons, but we worked as hard as we could to resolve the conflict once it had occurred.

As a result, we have finally agreed to terminate the exclusive contract with mutual good wishes for each other’s success.

I regret that the public images of both sides suffered during this conflict, and I want to say thank you and I’m sorry to the staff members who worked so hard for me. I will also work harder to make good music and become an artist that can comfort and receive love from the public.

I want to say thank you and I love you to my fans, who have always supported me.

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