“Miss Trot” Winner Song Ga In Reassures Fans After Car Accident + Denies Rumors Regarding Her Agency

Trot singer Song Ga In has shared a reassuring message for her fans.

On June 23, the “Miss Trot” winner took to Instagram to personally address her recent car accident and rumors surrounding her agency. Despite being injured in the accident, Song Ga In participated in a “Miss Trot” concert on June 22 after receiving examinations and treatment at a hospital.

Her Instagram post reads as follows:

Hello. This is Song Ga In.

To those who were very surprised at the news of my recent car accident, to my fans who love me, and to all those around me, I have spent the last couple of days feeling apologetic for causing so much concern.

I participated in the “Miss Trot” concert yesterday in Cheonan in order to thank the many people who had been worrying about me and because I wanted to keep my promise with my fans.

As I was standing on stage receiving the cheers of so many people, I teared up many times because I was so thankful.

I thought to myself that in order to return all the love my fans have given me, I wanted to quickly show a better side of Song Ga In.

I am currently in the process of recovering while receiving the support of many people, and I will recover quickly so that I can show you even better performances.

In order for me to quickly get better, my agency is actively assisting in my treatment.

Therefore, I hope that my fans do not worry too much.

There are also many rumors about my agency…but the CEO that I know treats me very well. So I hope there are no misunderstandings!

To those who always think of me first, I thank you again today.

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