Byul Describes Relationship With HaHa + Clarifies Comments Made On TV Show

Byul shared her thoughts on comments made following her appearance with HaHa on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling.”

On the June 23 episode, Byul and HaHa met up with Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jong Min for dinner. They had a candid conversation about various topics such as marriage and parenting, and some people reacted to the conversation negatively. Some news outlets reported that there were concerned comments made by viewers after Byul said that HaHa had come home drunk and caused a scene the previous night.

On June 25, Byul posted a statement along with two photos of herself and HaHa.

Byul’s full statement is below:

I always say this.

I can spend all night making fun of my husband and can spend all night praising my husband. We’re a totally realistic and average married couple. There may be times when we bicker and get annoyed at each other, but if we didn’t even do that, we’d look like the kind of married couples that are only seen in fairytales.

Above all else, the person who I’m the most grateful for and cherish the most is my husband. Due to the nature of my job, there are times when only a portion and not the full picture is shown regarding what I said or did on shows or interviews. I wanted to let you know because I think there are some people who are worried.

Our Ha Dong Hoon [HaHa’s real name] is an almost perfect husband and father except for the fact that he sometimes drinks a lot. Even though he appears playful and immature (although he does have those sides of him), he’s a really deep, responsible, and warm person. I found out he’s this kind of person while living with him.

He’s also the best and most devoted father to our kids. I’m not living in agony, so please don’t worry. Every time we appear on television, there are those worry that I live in agony.

Oh, and one more thing!

I know that I have to be careful with every single thing I say in front of many people, so my husband and I are always working hard to become wise people. Sometimes, there are times when expressions become exaggerated to make the broadcast fun. Even though they were words exchanged to make people laugh, I’ll think about the fact that it might make others uncomfortable and be more careful.

If there were people who were hurt while listening, I feel really sorry. I sincerely apologize. My heart really hurts thinking that one person might not have been able to laugh and was upset even if 10 or 100 people might have laughed.

I guess I wanted to appear strong and confident in front of people who worried and were upset about me due to news of my third pregnancy right before my promotions (even though a life is a blessing and people congratulated me), and in front of my husband who’s happy but always feels sorry towards me. I hope you’ll understand my sincerity. I just feel sorry. I ask for your understanding.

I lack a lot, but thank you to those who are always cheering for me. We’ll live cozily and happily like now! Instead of us just living happily together, we’ll work harder to become great people who can share happiness with those who watch over us. Please look forward to it.

Thank you for reading this long post.

Watch HaHa and Byul’s appearance on “My Ugly Duckling” with English subtitles below:

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