K-Pop Idols Who Are Known For Having Heart-Shaped Lips

Celebrities show their affection for their fans through various methods, and there are some idols who can express their love in a simple yet unique way ⁠— with their heart-shaped smiles!

Here is a list of stars who are blessed with heart-shaped lips that add to their many charms.


The cheerful BTS member is so lovable when he flashes his signature heart-shaped smile. Fans also refer to it as his “boxy smile.”


Whether her mouth is closed or spread into a lovely smile, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo makes fans’ hearts flutter with her cute heart-shaped lips.

EXO’s D.O.

You can’t leave out EXO’s D.O. when talking about heart-shaped lips, as the popular idol actor has been known since debut for his adorable smile that contrasts his charismatic appearance on stage.

TWICE’s Nayeon

TWICE member Nayeon’s alluring, bunny-like appearance wouldn’t be the same without her cute front teeth and charming heart-shaped smile.

Block B’s P.O

The playful and mischievous nature of Block B’s youngest member is perfectly accented by his lovable heart-shaped lips.

Golden Child’s Jaehyun

The Golden Child member has previously discussed how EXO inspired him to become a singer, but one thing he has in common with EXO’s D.O. is his attractive heart-shaped lips!

Ha Sung Woon

The HOTSHOT member, who just made his solo comeback on July 8, is another celeb who possesses dreamy heart-shaped lips that match his nickname “Cloud.”

NCT’s Haechan

NCT’s Haechan’s heart-shaped smile completes his cute and lovable image as one of the group’s youngest members.

What other idols can you think of that have heart-shaped lips?

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