Go Jun Hee Candidly Opens Up About Painful Struggle With Malicious Comments And Rumors

Go Jun Hee has opened up about how she has been affected by rumors and malicious comments.

On July 9, the actress took to her Instagram account to make a candid post about the topic. Her post reads as follows:

Hello, this is Go Jun Hee.

For the past several months, C-JeS, WIP, and many other agencies have given me offers to join them.

I am very grateful for this, and as an actress, I wish to be active again soon with good projects… but I find it difficult to make any decision because of all the pain I have endured.

And the many speculative posts.. they aren’t true.. So I wanted to continue my career as if nothing was wrong. But the untrue words.. and the speculative articles that sprung from them, the malicious comments I don’t even want to speak aloud, they are not only causing me so much pain, but my mom and dad as well.

All I want is for this kind of situation to not spread anymore and for the people I love to not get hurt anymore. Seeing those posts, seeing my parents suffering, it’s too hard for me to bear.

So that my parents and I don’t have to suffer anymore, I sincerely ask that people stop these articles and comments.

I sincerely wish to thank everyone who has given me their support.

From Go Jun Hee


In May, Go Jun Hee took legal action against malicious commenters who spread rumors linking her to Seungri’s controversy. They named her as the actress mentioned in Seungri’s group chat when the participants were discussing girls to invite to entertain a foreign investor who was visiting Korea. As a result of the growing rumors, Go Jun Hee stepped down from the KBS drama “Perfume.” Her talks to sign on with C-JeS Entertainment recently fell through.

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