8 Hilarious Times Idols Accidentally Gave Spoilers On Live Broadcast

Idols work very hard to produce great content for their comebacks, so their songs and choreography are carefully kept under wraps before the comeback is released. However, some idols just can’t keep secrets to themselves — and before they even realize it, a spoiler is born! Here is a collection of some of the most hilarious spoiler slip-ups to ever happen on live broadcast.

1. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan spoiling “A Piece of You”

SEVENTEEN is infamous for their inability to keep their comebacks clandestine, but this V Live spoiler courtesy of Jeonghan is especially funny because he spoiled a song that he didn’t even sing in! When talking about how DK is constantly playing songs and practicing at their dorm, Jeonghan imitated one of the lines from “A Piece of You,” DK’s collaboration with soloist Yang Da Il that had not yet been released at the time of this livestream. He didn’t catch his mistake at first, but Seungkwan immediately called him out on it — and Jeonghan instantly froze up in horror! His reaction is priceless, as is the laughter of the other members when they realized what he’d done.

(See 12:10 for all of the hilarity!)

2. GOT7’s Youngjae spoiling “Fly”

GOT7 is another group well-known for their shameless spoilers, but the eldest member Mark’s reaction to Youngjae singing the first line of their title track “Fly” is what makes this one really iconic. The two were enjoying a day out on V Live, accompanied by BamBam and their dog Coco, when Youngjae dropped the bomb — and the chaos that ensued as a result (peep the concerned reactions of the people in the background!) is so on-brand for this energetic boy group.

(Catch the spoiler featuring a close-up of the adorable Coco at 10:30.)

3. TWICE’s Mina spoiling “Knock Knock”

In a solo V Live from February of 2017, Mina insisted to a commenter that she would not give spoilers about their upcoming “Knock Knock” comeback. Just seconds later, however, she accidentally let the main choreography for the chorus of “Knock Knock” slip out! Her embarrassed reaction is totally adorable, and despite further fan requests in the comment section she cutely refused to give away any more comeback secrets. Looks like Mina had her guard up to prevent any more spoiler mishaps!

(See her slip-up at 5:10.)

4. NCT 127’s Jaehyun spoiling “Simon Says”

These don’t really count as accidental, but Jaehyun’s bold spoiler reveal for their “Simon Says” comeback is worthy of this list just because of the other NCT 127 members’ reactions! Johnny is pretty casual about Jaehyun’s rendition of the melody line on their radio show “NCT Night Night,” but the freak-out that ensued after he revealed one dance move on “Successful Fan” in 2018 was utterly comical. From Taeyong’s disappointed-but-not-surprised expression to Mark’s total panic, this gift from Jaehyun gave NCTzens so much to laugh about!

5. RM spoiling the set list for “BTS 5th Muster”

In June of this year, BTS stars RM and Jimin blessed fans with a duo V Live. The pair bounced from topic to topic over the hour and 15-minute course of the livestream, chatting about their plans and concert preparations for their “BTS 5th Muster ‘Magic Shop'” show happening later in the month. Apparently RM got a little too lost in the discussion, because he accidentally let it slip that their song “Spine Breaker” would be on the set list! There was a moment of frozen silence between the two (with the exact same panicked expression!) during which they made some sort of telepathic agreement to quickly end the video. Oops!

(The spoiler begins at 1:15:35.)

6. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa spoiling the “Purple” tracklist

MAMAMOO had a special V Live celebration for their 3-year debut anniversary in 2017, during which rapper Moonbyul held a Q and A with the members. Even though they had already promised to reveal some of their upcoming “Purple” title track “Yes I am,” they didn’t even make it five minutes into the livestream before Hwasa gave another spoiler! Moonbyul asked what each members’ favorite MAMAMOO song was, and Hwasa answered with “Finally,” a song from the unreleased “Purple” track list. There was split second of group confusion, during which Moonbyul quickly clarified that she had meant a song that had already been released! Hwasa’s embarrassed laughter is equal parts endearing and hilarious.

7. EXO’s Kai spoiling “Love Shot”

This is another spoiler that may not have been an accident but deserves a mention nonetheless. Multi-talented EXO star Kai held a livestream on his Instagram, throughout which he can be heard singing pieces of their then-unreleased hit “Love Shot.” He revealed several lines throughout the video, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he sang the main chorus line — a shocked and horrified gasp can be heard from someone else in the car, followed by Kai’s giggles. Shameless spoiler alert!

8. A.C.E.’s Donghun spoiling “5tar”

Another day, another A.C.E. spoiler! In this V Live, the members were discussing their upcoming promotions and casually exposing each other, until Donghan jumped in with a melody line for their track “5tar.” The other members scrambled to keep him quiet, covering his mouth and then physically trying to remove him from the room! Their attempts to recover in the moments afterward are hilariously awkward as well, but they transitioned quickly back into their roast-fest. Nothing could stop A.C.E.’s “Spoiler King” from doing his duty!

BONUS: NCT Dream’s ’00-liners dropping “GO” spoilers like it’s hot

This V Live is so chock-full of spoilers (how many can you fit into a 50-minute livestream?!) that there’s no way it could even be classified as accidental, but it’s so legendary among NCTzens for its comeback-ruining shenanigans that it must be included. NCT Dream’s four ’00-liners came together for one incredible livestream featuring an impromptu dance party, some good-natured teasing, and, of course, a heart-stopping amount of “GO” spoilers. See if you can count them all (we’d love to know just how many there are!)

Do you have any favorite spoiler moments? Who are your favorite secret-spilling idols? Let us know down below!

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