Kim Kook Heon Thanks Fans And Cheers On Song Yu Vin After Elimination From “Produce X 101”

Kim Kook Heon has shared his thoughts following his elimination from Mnet’s “Produce X 101.”

On the July 12 episode of the idol survival show, Kim Kook Heon ranked 21st in the latest elimination ceremony and did not make the top 20 contestants who would be moving on to the finale. During his time on “Produce X 101,” the trainee had caught the eye of many viewers with both his skills and a tearful moment that showed his deep friendship with Song Yu Vin, who debuted alongside him in the group MYTEEN in 2017.

After the episode, the idol posted a selfie and a handwritten letter on his Instagram account.

His full letter is below:

Hello, this is Music Works’ Kim Kook Heon.

Thank you so much to the national producers who cheered hard for me up until now.

During the half-year from when I first began preparing for the program up until now, there were many moments when I struggled, felt exhausted, and wanted to give up. But during those moments, thanks to the support and comfort of the national producers, I was able to not give up and work hard to move forward.

I also sincerely thank and love my parents, family, friends, teachers, Music Works family, and national producer representative Lee Dong Wook, who always comforted me first during those difficult moments when I felt like I was alone.

I received so much love while appearing on this program, so I feel regretful that it has ended like this. But I’ll become a Kim Kook Heon who works hard to show you better things from here on out, in order to repay you for the love I’ve received so far and for the love I’ll receive in the future.

Also, I ask for your support for my friends on “Produce X 101” who are working hard as they head towards the finale. Good luck, Yu Vin!

P.S. Thank you to Heony Dan [Kim Kook Heon’s fandom] for being a huge source of strength whenever my self-esteem got low…

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The live finale of “Produce X 101” will air on July 19 at 8 p.m. KST. Check out the preview here!

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