11 K-Pop Idols Whose Fashion Sense Is Out Of This World

K-pop idols are incredibly talented not only on stage, but also when off-duty. While probably all of them own a wardrobe we’d kill for, some idols have become fashion icons and demonstrated they’re serious about their style, always showing up looking flawless for everything from live performances to a red carpet or even the airport hallways. In search of some fashion-inspo? Get ready to feel some style-envy while you check out these idols whose sense of style is simply out of this world.

EXO’s Kai

Simple yet luxurious. Kai knows how to combine high-end brands with simple cuts and clean frames, with a focus on prints, textures, and accessories (plus, crop tops). He’s without a doubt one of the most stylish idols out there, so it’s not surprising he was named global ambassador by Gucci.

Sandara Park

Urban, modern, eclectic, carefree, those are a few words you could use to describe Sandara Park’s style. From baggy pants to matching sets, beanies, fun dresses, and lots of layering, Dara has shown us for years she has the fashion ship interested in her soul.

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

A beret lover, Hongjoong is not afraid to try new things when talking style. With prints, stripes, textures, layers, and LOTS of accessories, he’s always on the lookout for fun accents to add to his outfits, both on and off the stage.


Jennie has declared her love for fashion on many occasions. She can pull off both urban, relaxed styles and fancy, luxurious ones. A global ambassador for Chanel, Jennie has found her own way to combine streetwear with haute couture, and there’s no one doing it as well as her.

The Boyz’s Hwall

Hwall has been turning heads ever since his debut, but for the past year, his fashion sense has become stronger than ever, gifting us with outfits we just keep obsessing over. Almost always incorporating black in his looks, his grunge-eclectic-dark style continuously pushes the limits of what we’re used to.


Queen not only on the stage but also on the streets — and her Instagram account. Sunmi loves to mix a feminine style with normcore accents and of course, some luxury accessories and details in order to stand out.


Considered by many one of the biggest style icons in K-pop, V knows how to put together an incredible outfit while looking effortless. A big fan of color, prints, textures, layers, and of course, Gucci, V has never been afraid of wearing whatever he wants, no matter how eccentric others may think it is.

Apink’s Naeun

Sporty yet chic with a street touch, Naeun knows how to dress comfortably while looking fab. A streetwear advocate and a fan of clean cuts and minimalism, her fashion sense serves as inspo for both her fans and people all around the world.


Patches, lots of denim, belts, hats, matching sets, high-end fashion, street-wear, colors, minimal… there’s absolutely nothing The8 can’t pull off, and he knows it. At this point, we’ve probably seen him try everything and anything, with both hair and clothes, and the result is always outstanding.

Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy achieved the perfect point where sweet, sexy, and chic meet, all while looking effortless. She enjoys fashion, and we can tell by checking out her airport outfits, where she’s always down to play a little and try new things, especially when talking urban and cute styles.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

A fashion icon. Period. Do we really need to explain here? GD opened the door for many other idols to experiment and not be afraid of breaking away from the norm. Colors, layering, accessories, GD has tried every single style out there, combining retail brands with haute couture and always succeeding.

Who’s your K-pop fashion icon? Let us know in the comments!

Caromalis is a K-pop, K-Fashion, and K-beauty obsessed content creator and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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