Oh Dal Soo Returning To Acting Following Controversy + Police Explains Why Investigation Ended

Oh Dal Soo will be returning to acting after one and a half years with an independent film.

Last year in February, Oh Dal Soo was accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Although he initially denied the allegations, he later issued an apology to the victims, including actress Uhm Ji Young. As a result of the controversy, Oh Dal Soo was removed from the cast of tvN’s “My Ahjussi,” and several of his films were reshot or left in limbo.

On August 13, Oh Dal Soo’s agency, CJ Entertainment, announced that the actor will be making his return with an independent film shot by director Kim Sung Han, titled “Blacklist” (literal translation).

Read the full statement below:

This is a statement regarding reports of actor Oh Dal Soo’s return.

As a public figure, actor Oh Dal Soo took responsibility and spent a long time in self-reflection. At the beginning of this year, we confirmed the end of the police’s investigation and that there will be no charges issued.

We then began to cautiously speak of his return, and after recent efforts, it was decided that he will appear in an independent film.

As the actor plans to carefully and naturally restart his acting activities, we ask that you please look upon him kindly. Thank you.

Oh Dal Soo further stated himself, “I’m very nervous to be greeting everyone after such a long time. With a fearful heart, I write a few words.”

He continued, “I will soon be starring in the independent film ‘Blacklist.’ It was decided on because I felt it would be a good and meaningful project.”

He added, “Since the beginning of last year, I went to my hometown and spent time looking back on my life. During that time, the police investigation was completed. I received criticism that disregarded what was right and wrong for what happened last year. I believe that this all was a result of my unworthiness.”

He concluded, “I may be a negligent person with a lot of flaws, but I have lived quietly and made an effort not to hurt anyone while acting and making films. I am sorry for concerning many people. I will make sure not to lose my roots and work hard.”

The same day, a source from the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency also came forward to confirm the end of the investigation.

The source explained to SpoTV News, “The incident in question was made known through [JTBC’s “Newsroom”]. As it occurred in 1993, the statute of limitations has already passed. Furthermore, sexual assault crimes at the time had to be reported within six months to be prosecuted, but there was no such report. Since there was no justification of the truth of the allegations even after the broadcast, the investigation was concluded.”

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